Chronicles of the Inner Chamber


11 - The Core and the World - 2


I saw a strange being who came from there like that [the Mother indicates her left side], made a round around you and went away. It was a horse with a lion’s head.

     Beautiful beast! It was a lion, the head like that, the front form was a lion, and behind it was a horse. And it was the symbol of… a symbolical animal of something. At the moment, I understood perfectly well, I said ah! and…

     Very dignified. Came from there [same gesture on the left] like that, made a round around you and went away. It was for you. Lion is power, and horse…

     And like that, it seems silly, but he was very beautiful, and of a beautiful colour. And very dignified.

     Tiens!... [The Mother realises she was speaking in English. The conversation resumes in French which I translate into English.]

     It was Sri Aurobindo who said all that to you [in English]. It is odd how it comes like that.

     It was something that had come to announce something to you. It was a being, but a being…There must be beings like that. It was all in light, and it was something…it was to announce something to you. But so real!

Quoted from THE VISHAAL NEWSLETTER, Culture and Cosmos-4,
  ‘Supermind and the Language of Gnostic Symbols’, Volume 9, Number 1

There is what might be called an eternal language; or a universal language known to wisemen and women throughout the ages. Its alphabet is formed of symbols. The Sphinx is one such symbol/language; not only the Giza Sphinx, but all those that antiquity has bequeathed to us.


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