Chronicles of the Inner Chamber


12 - The Core and the World 3


      …It is something that we are searching for. Perhaps not merely searching for, but building.
      We are being used so that we may participate in the manifestation of that which is as yet inconceivable for everyone, because it is not yet there. It is an expression that is yet to come.
    …These positions, the spiritual and the ‘materialist’…are insufficient, not only because they do not admit each other, but because even admitting the two and uniting the two does not suffice to solve the problem. There is something else – a third thing which is not the result of these two, but something that is yet to be discovered, which will probably open the door to the total Knowledge.
    …I do not think that a single individual (on earth as it is now), however great he is, however eternal his consciousness and origin, can alone by himself change and realise, - change the world, change the creation as it is and realise the Higher Truth that will be a new world, a world more true, if not absolutely true. It seems certain that a number of individuals (till now it appears to be rather in time, as a succession, but it may also be in space, a collectivity) is indispensable so that this Truth may concretise and realise itself.
    I am practically sure of it.
    That is to say, however great, however conscious, however powerful an Avatar may be, he cannot, all alone realise the supramental life on earth. It is either a group in time, arranged in a file in time or a group spread over a space – perhaps both – that are indispensable for the realisation. I am convinced of it.

(Extracted from the Bulletin of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education,
August, 1962, pages 69-76; and L’Agenda de Mere, Vol. 1962.)

‘The symbol of the future realisation’ is the foundation of the New Way; and this is that ‘third thing’ the Mother refers to in the above dialogue. The Mother’s legacy provides all sincere seekers with every detail required to make participation in the establishment of the new supramental creation on Earth a conscious one, since this is the active ingredient without which the required centering and its companion alignment cannot come about. In the Atharvaveda there are important verses that provide a clue to the deeper purpose involved in the ‘future realisation’, which once occupied a foremost place in the Knowledge but has long since become just a distant memory, if anything remains of it at all.

‘Though manifest, it is yet hidden, secret,
its name is the Ancient, a mighty mode of being;
in Skambha is established all that moves and breathes. (AV X, 8)

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