Chronicles of the Inner Chamber

2 - Introduction



The Mother was the executive power of the Supreme Lord. She was his own ‘executing architect’. The ancient Veda describe this magnificent power/principle as the Divine Maya. It is she who fashions material creation in the image of the Lord. She is the executor of his Will.
          Measure is the keyword, the very root of the word maya. It is, to be sure, a divine Maya, not human. The human maya is the ‘illusion’ of Advaita, a concept that has thoroughly conquered the yogic mind of India.
          Sri Aurobindo came to Earth to change that, to ‘correct the error of the Buddha’, as he wrote. The Mother was his formidable tool. Her most potent weapon was the Divine Maya which she brought to the Earth. And that is the essence of her original plan.
          Very few have grasped the Mother’s greatness in its fullest dimensions. Her original plan of the Inner Chamber reveals that greatness in all its multiple and singularly unique facets. Above all, it reveals her as the incarnation of the Vedic Divine Maya, the executor of the Transcendent’s Will.
          Precision was the Mother’s call; an engineer not an architect because she demanded this precision. Why was precision so important? It was so that the Divine Measure she brought to Earth in early January of 1970, in an extraordinary yogic feat, could be transposed into our world of time and space and measure. In this act her purpose for incarnating was encapsulated; in that plan we have the condensation of everything that the Mother was – what she came down with and what she grew into once she was born on Earth. The entire trajectory of her yoga is captured first in her own symbol, which forms the overall basis of the Chamber’s plan, and then all the other elements of the design as given by her. We will cover them all, one by one, in these Chronicles.

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