Chronicles of the Inner Chamber


 6 The Transcendent: Sri Aurobindo
 in the Shalagrama


‘Without him, I exist not,
without me, he is unmanifest.’
                                                            The Mother
                                                            6 May 1957

  While the Mother’s original plan of the Matrimandir’s inner chamber defines the size of the circumscribing Shalagrama by its perfect measure (see CIC 5, p.3), much more is needed from the subtle planes to grant solidity and imperishability to the structure. The chamber cannot remain suspended with ‘supports’ only at the upper reaches of the walls, as if hanging on a clothes line! A base must exist as well as other subtle points in space to define the Divine Maya unequivocally, and to integrate inner and outer. This greater definition is provided by Sri Aurobindo through his own special symbol consisting of two triangles, ascending and descending, and an inner square. In this Chronicle we will reveal the exquisite interaction between Sri Aurobindo and the Mother displayed through sacred geometry and architecture, and their allotted tasks in the Supramental Manifestation.
          The magical properties of the Shalagrama allow us to insert Sri Aurobindo’s new symbol in the form, reproduced below. This diagram is taken from The New Way, Volume 2, published by Aeon Books, (1978)1981. The dates are important in order to bring to the attention of the public the continued campaign of deception Auroville engages in, involving this most sacred of symbols. For the prevailing consciousness in Auroville nothing is sacred. Knowledge is desecrated time and again by misusing it for personal ambition, or to deceive the public. To succeed in this campaign the diagrams we will reproduce in this Chronicle, all taken from the above-mentioned publication of Aeon Books, were lifted by Mona Doctor, an Auroville architect.

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