Chronicles of the Inner Chamber


7 – The Vertical

Sri Aurobindo, the Immanent in the Core 


In Chronicle 6, the nature of Transcendence was discussed as it is made manifest via the sacred geometry of the Mother’s Vision. However, the Inner Chamber carries us forward into the Supramental Manifestation as it was then and as it would unfold for many years to come. It is ‘written’ in the temple, true to the pinnacles reached in sacred architecture which are now preserved only in myth. There is no living example of this objective art form anywhere in the world. Only the Mother’s Vision preserves the art for the future. At the same time, the Mother left humanity with all the keys of knowledge required to make a conscious passage into that new future, the primary demand in the Age of Supermind.
          For this very reason the Auroville Matrimandir is a serious aberration and a blemish on an otherwise pristine play of circumstances that destiny has arranged for the Supramental Manifestation. In the Auroville structure there is no higher truth in evidence; it is simply the ordinary human condition: groping for the light in darkness. This is clearly displayed in the focal point of the Auroville Matrimandir, the stand and crystal.
          But in the Mother’s Vision the geometry and symbolism involved in its centrepiece present the seeker with a key feature of the Truth-Consciousness: from Truth to greater Truth. In that Vision there is a luminous core: no emptiness, no void, no shadow.
          In this Chronicle we shall delve deeply into the pregnant symbolism involved in the chamber’s core and discover how ‘all things are made new’ by the laws governing the Supramental Manifestation. These laws incorporate not only the intimate details of Supermind’s organisation for Earth use; they disclose, among other things, the central role India plays in the Manifestation, simply by the exact diameter of the translucent, light-filled Globe.

Higher Laws in the Mother’s Chamber
By a miracle of vision and measure, the dimensions of united India’s landmass are ‘contained’ in the Globe.

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