Chronicles of the Inner Chamber

9 - The Bridge of Gnosis


‘…I remember a vision when I was doing a work with numbers during the night, and I was putting numbers – numbers and groups of numbers – I was putting them in certain positions… It was associated with groups of people who are all over, groups of people who are spread out in the world and connected with…what planet? Planets?
‘It was the "numbered" expression …of application to life in a coming realisation: life to come, but not very far away; for example, the next century which is beginning now.’

The Mother

At this point it is well to summarise the position on the ground. What exactly has been lost of the Sacred Vision in what was constructed in Auroville? The 24-metre diameter does not exist; the 15.20m measure of the Ray does not exist; the 15-step entry from below into the floor of the chamber facing north does not exist; Sri Aurobindo’s symbol in the Shalagrama does not ‘exist’; the translucent Globe does not exist; the stone Pedestal does not exist. Is there anything then of gnostic significance and value in the structure? And even if only one or two items of the Vision have survived – such as the 12 columns – the fundamental feature proper to all great sacred art is absent: its unity. In these matters it is all or nothing. Unfortunately, for disciples and devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, they are left with nothing.
          But the Vision itself lives on; its Knowledge has been revealed and preserved. This is the focus of these Chronicles.
          One important factor must be borne in mind as we proceed: the descent of the Knowledge of the Mother’s Vision evolved pari passu with the Auroville construction. As one grew the other took shape. This does not mean that both are meant to stand side-by-side, offering forever after a choice to seekers. Yes, in the early stages the two must provide elements for the special Act of Choosing. But once the work is done, once the processes of Yoga are completed to ‘construct’ that Vision in all its gnostic splendour, the Shadow has no longer any reason for being.

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