All truth passes through three stages:

First it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as self-evident!

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


Remarkable things are happening in the world. We might call this moment a time of convergence – i.e., when events and the people through whom they unfold are brought identifiably within the scope of a supramental framework in the form of what is called a model of the universe. But this would not be discernible if we did not have certain tools of Knowledge which allow us to bring the multiple dimensions of our world of time and space into focus in this model.

As these Chronicles and Updates have proven, the Mother’s original design and plan of the Inner Chamber conform to Sri Aurobindo’s description of the contents of the soul, - the Chamber ‘closed and mute’ of his epic poem, Savitri. The Mother simply penetrated that sacred precinct to provide humanity with this special and unique model of the Cosmic Truth. For it is in the inner depths, the cave in the heart where Guha stands that the truth foundation of the universe is discovered. Veil after veil is removed as one plunges within to the core of material creation, and not to the Beyond, because the soul is only experienced in material creation – this universe of 9.

            The Mother defined that number-power to the author/convenor as ‘creation in matter’. And it is with this clue which she provided in 1971, the clue that revealed the more arcane mysteries of the 9, that the door was unlocked and one could enter the chamber of the soul.

            The Mother bequeathed to humanity a Soul in the form of an architectural masterpiece. But as we know, the building she set on its way in Auroville did not live up to this sublime truth. In every way it was disfigured. Thus today in place of this greatest of all architectural revelations, we have a faithful reproduction of the ego and not the soul.

            Energies continue to be poured into that endeavour by the community and its faithful followers. One wonders what purpose is served. How and why is it that a choice can be made consciously to put this shadow in place of the Mother’s revelation? Further, the question that arises is why this aberration came to pass at all? How is it that the Mother did not draw to her side the genial architect, Christopher Alexander, for example, instead of what we have had to contend with?

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