Update 6 – 24 February 2005


‘…If the measurement of the temple is in every way perfect.
There is perfection in the universe as well.’
(Mahamaya, XXII, 92)

On December 26, 2004, a tremendous natural upheaval occurred, unlike anything the world has record of. Given the advances of our 21st Century communications media, scenes of this devastation were continuously flashed across the globe, drawing our attention to the event almost as it was transpiring. As in all such situations, this too served to prove that we are one world. From all corners people watched the raging spectacle and commiserated with the millions affected by this devastation. We were made a part of the phenomenon along with its victims, in a sense. And so colossal was the destruction that unprece-dented relief efforts have been set in motion, again drawing us all together as one family.
            For readers familiar with the new cosmology referred to time and again in the Chronicles, it is the location of the tsunami that is of special interest. When maps were relayed across our television screens, one could not fail to note that the area struck by the wave was precisely the ‘tail’ of the Capricorn hieroglyph (below) which delineates the landmass of Akhand Bharat – the full and true body of Mother India (see CIC 8). The Tail of the glyph reproduced here points to all the nations affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. We can visualise a circle drawn within the Tail area and note that the quake was almost an excuse to draw into orbit all these nations. But there is more that needs to be discussed now that the dust has settled, so to speak, which involves the theme of these Chronicles, - the Mother’s original plan of her Inner Chamber.

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