Update 8 – 4 April 2005

 Supermind organises the conditions for its manifestation. The ‘descent’ of the Mother’s Vision in the form of an architectural ‘model of the universe’ is an example of the accuracy of this dictum, unequalled in any other area of Sri Aurobindo’s work.
            To appreciate how this operates, we may focus our attention on Saturn, just as science is doing via the Cassini probe which has been beaming back to Earth exquisite images of this superbly beautiful planet. Saturn is considered the planet connected to science; it is the planetary ruler of Capricorn which, in turn, is the zodiacal ruler of India; and it is precisely in India that the Mother’s Vision, in which Saturn is central, has taken shape, as well as where the subsequent descent of the temple’s Knowledge occurred. All of this has been the workings of the Truth-Consciousness to arrange the conditions for its manifestation.
            We must emphasise again that Saturn is the planetary/harmonic essence of the Mother’s temple. The entire structure, inner and outer, is a hymn to the 6th planet. And since the Mother herself occupies the 6th position on the descending number-planetary scale of 9/6/3/0-1 of the Solar Line, Supermind arranged the revelation of this model of Saturn - her own ‘pulse’ or cosmic note - through the Mother herself.  

Saturn above, Saturn below
There is no better demonstration of Supermind’s ability to create its own conditions for manifestation than the magical formula we find in the Core of the Inner Chamber, revealing certain aspects of a ‘new precision’ that Saturn contributes to the cosmic harmony of our solar system. The focus here is on Saturn’s actual physical position in the heavens, on four different days stretched over almost a century of Earth time: from 1872 to 1963; and each of these four days/positions are interconnected, however only via the Chamber’s luminous Globe. Without the correct 70cm Globe, accurately positioned beneath the descending Ray, this superb harmonised interplay could never be perceived. Essentially IT WOULD NOT EXIST.

            To be even more specific, it could be stated, paradoxically, that the Mother’s vision/plan causes the harmony to manifest.

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