Update 9 - 29 September 2005


The Work is Done

THIS is likely to be the last Update of MAC because nothing else is required. The work is done.
            A momentous turning point has been reached in the expansion of the Master’s work in the world, like nothing that has ever taken place before in the history of the star-studded Supramental Manifestation.
            On 19 November 1969, the Mother indicated that a significant moment had arrived, and she remarked, ‘…the 9 has something to do with this [the arrival of the Superman Consciousness]. There are so many things we do not know…’. 
            These Chronicles and Updates have served to bring the Knowledge of the 9, as pregnant as the Mother hinted 36 years ago, to those involved with or interested in the Mother’s work. We have centred the endeavour on the Mother’s Chamber, ostensibly to bring to light the fact that what stands in Auroville today, and is being presented to an unsuspecting public as a faithful reproduction of the Mother’s original vision and plan, is nothing of the sort: in every detail there has been a disfigurement. What stands in Auroville is a representation in architecture of the Ego and not the Soul, the essence of the Mother’s original plan.
            But there was far more involved. The hidden purpose of the formation of MAC has been to ‘begin again’, as the Mother predicted would happen if her plan was not accepted.
            With the establishment of MAC a new base was brought into being and the ‘old heaven and the old earth’ have passed away. Thus in August 2005, the true FOUNDATION STONE of the City-Consciousness was laid exactly according to the lines drawn by the Supramental Shakti and in a manner wholly reflective of the overt manner in which Supermind operates in the world. The inauguration of Auroville in 1968 simply set on its way an organised ‘field’, special indeed, in fact unique in the history of sacred endeavours, where the powers impeding the descent of a new Heaven and a new Earth could be engaged. There has been no other purpose in the commencement of that sacred endeavour than this.


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