Update 2 – 22 October 2004
(according to the old calendar)



hose of you who have diligently followed the 12 Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, at least would have come away with a very different understanding of numbers. By the end of that series – what has come to be known as the Yoga of the Chronicles – number has to have become for each of you more living, real powers and not just ‘coincidental’ representations which, from the ordinary viewpoint of our contemporary science, are akin to metaphors or figures of speech. In themselves they have no reality; they are simply convenient symbols to convey processes and can be substituted.
            Rather, study of the Chronicles would have brought its readers a degree closer to appreciating the Mother’s experience of Number and the Golden and Dark Blue columns, as reported in Chronicle 9, pages 7-9. That remarkable description of her night-time experiences in 1969 was a ‘seed’ event: the Mother planted a seed. This was picked up, fertilised and brought to fruition in two known places on the globe immediately after – Italy and Germany. Interestingly, both countries thereafter played central roles in the temple saga of Auroville.
            The German ‘seeding’ is largely the subject of the present communication from MAC. One of our aims is to reveal the manner in which the Mother’s original vision and plan of the Inner Chamber has influenced evolution, civilisation, society, on numerous levels. In these assessments Time helps to eliminate speculation, guessing, imagination, and adds a certain precision to our quest. One example is the work of the chemist/mathematician, Dr Peter Plichta of Düsseldorf, Germany (http://www.plichta.de/ - Articles: ‘Prime Numbers and the Plan of Creation’).
            Immediately after the Mother’s vision of the Chamber took place (31 December 1969-17 January 1970), Dr Plichta began to understand the true nature of Number. This was in 1970 and it is corroborated by his biography. It was revolutionising, leading finally to his dismissal of science as we know it today 19 years later. His breakthrough was centred on the prime numbers of mathematics. With them he found the ‘plan of creation’, or the ‘construction plan’ God used in the evolution of the universe, all the way down the scale from macro- to microcosm. On this basis he realised that ‘coincidence’ does not exist but is just a convenient method for scientists to eliminate this ‘plan’ (and hence God) from their postulations, which has had a devastating effect on societies the world over.
            Even more interesting is that Plichta’s outstanding work was based on his discovery of the formula 3 + 1, as well as the number 19. Both are, of course, central to the New Way Cosmology, on the basis of which the code of the Mother’s chamber has been cracked (to use the current popular jargon!).

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