Update 3 - 1.11.2004

This article was not written especially as an Update for MAC readers by our Convenor; but since it deals with a very important aspect of the Mother’s vision, we are posting it for all those who have been following these communications with avid interest.



A Tale of Two Towers
Transforming the Linear

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology

When there is a centre, or when a centre is being compressed into existence according to the new cosmology and the Yoga of the Chamber, the action is circular, spherical, because of which simultaneously all levels or all quadrants of the circle divided into 4 are activated and compressed. Only in a spherical operation can all four come into play together, covering all levels of existence: physical, vital, mental and supramental. Formerly the last quarter was termed ‘spiritual’; but after the Yoga of the Chamber brought decisive breakthroughs in the 1980s and 1990s, spiritual is not adequate to describe the nature of the last quarter. This will be made clear further on.
          In a binary/linear system, pressure can be exerted – as it always has been in the evolution of the species – but we go one step at a time. Survival depends on this method. Otherwise we would have been crushed out of existence long ago. It is a much slower method and the results are always partial. We can only go just so far in such a situation. This describes the boundaries or limits of the mental human species. In geometric symbols we would describe the difference in this way, a pyramid and a circle, A and B. Note that in a pyramidal evolution, while the 4th level, here termed ‘spiritual’, appears to be attached to the 3rd, the mental, in a continuous experience, in the actual practice of yoga there is a disconnection. Mind alone is the tool or channel to reach the summit. This situation forces a rupture and transcendence becomes the only means for access to the last quarter.   The process cannot be consciously lived if it is not integral (B) because the energies carried away by the vital and physical leave the system depleted of power. All yogas, up to Sri Aurobindo’s integral model, have to be described as ‘pyramidal’ and transcendental (A).

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