A brief background should be given beforehand to enhance the impact of the Motherís words. It should be noted that the basis of the Knowledge brought down by the Mother and contained in the original vision and plan of her Inner Chamber was revealed through the properties of a Name. This was in ancient Greek and its numerical equivalent is 9, 5, 1. With this Name, given a year before the Motherís comments that we reproduce, the answers were provided to the questions she raised. The reader must note that the Name is not just a name. It corresponds to the circle of 12 zodiacal signs, or else to the 12-sided chamber of the Mother’s original plan. That is, when these numbers are superimposed on the circle divided into twelve parts (the zodiac), they coincide with the three Fire signs, - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the 1st, the 5th, and the 9th.
          When these 9, 5, 1 are in turn superimposed on the same circle but divided into nine parts, the numbers coincide with the points of the Sacred Triangle, 9, 6, and 3. In other words, the formula of the Supramental Descent.
          As the name 9, 5, 1 and the Fire Trinity we come to one of the most formidable revelations the zodiac provides. With it we can decipher the enigmas of the astrological ages through the Map of the 12 Manifestations, reproduced below. Its validity was later confirmed by the Veda when verses in the Atharvaveda were discovered that fit the description of this special key. And with it we learn that the questions the Mother posed in 1972 have indeed been answered, but in a manner she would never have imagined possible. For it is only with the final piece of the puzzle which she herself provided, the inner chamber, that the prophecy of an unending manifestation, of a universe of equilibrium, could be actualised. Before that, similar to what we have written above, what Theon proclaimed, her teacher in the early part of the 20
th Century, could not come to pass. The intuited equilibrium was a cosmic necessity, but it required the Mother’s revelation, the subsequent supramental descent and the yoga that it inspired to make his perception a reality of our times.

Disciple: …It seems that scientifically the end of the world is inevitable – because of a cooling down and the forces of gravity.

The Mother: Théon used to say that up to now there had been ... that this was the seventh creation; there had been six creations before which were ‘reabsorbed’ – just as you said. And this one was the seventh, but it wouldn’t be reabsorbed, it would transform itself. There we are. Instead of that destruction by the sun which so far has ultimately led to the disappearance of the creation,[1] this time the creation would go on transforming itself, to become again the Supreme and manifest Him.
            Théon and Sri Aurobindo didn’t know each other, you see, they never met each other, they didn’t even know of each other’s existence. Yet Théon proclaimed... (I don’t remember what he called the new world) what Sri Aurobindo calls the ‘Supramental’. What’s remarkable – interesting, you know, strikingly interesting – is that without knowing each other, with totally different approaches, they reached the same conclusion.

[1] Pralaya of Hindu tradition.

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