The Dawn of a New Era
4 July 2007 

It has come to pass that approximately two dozen temples in a district in Tamil Nadu, renowned for its Vedic studies, will be celebrating the forthcoming rituals according to the Vedic Sayana/Tropical Zodiac system. The first will be the up-coming Gokulashtami – 6 August. All the rest of the Observances will follow as per the Tropical Calendar. This occurrence is being given wide publicity throughout India. It coincides with the Tamil translation publication of our Movement’s ‘Manifesto’. 

With this most important breakthrough many devotees and temple authorities will begin to ask questions – and this is what we had hoped for. The only way falsehood can be prolonged is when it succeeds in obscuring the Light, for the truth is to be found in the actual history of how and why the Nirayana system of astrological/temple calculations came to be adopted. The story is rather incredible, as the reader will now note.  

As Convenor of this Movement, in various platforms I have been reporting my discoveries of the 12th Century scholar-traveller Al Biruni’s influence over Hindu Pundits in the question of shifting from the Vedic Tropical Zodiac as backdrop for the yearly Sacrifice to the un-Vedic system of measuring the passage of the year on the backdrop of the distant Constellations. The Vedic system must be balanced on the unchanging four Cardinal pillars of the Tropical Zodiac, which do not hold any prominence in the Nirayana system advocated by Al Biruni. He wrote in his famous document, India, critiquing Varamihira’s Brhad Samhita, ‘The solstice has kept its place, but the constellations have migrated, just the very opposite of what Varaha has fancied’ (India, II, p.7). In other words, an entirely different, distant ‘circle’ is proposed by the scholar, and it later found favour with Hindu Pundits. He appeared on the scene in the 12th Century, but it took many more centuries and the invention of the printing press for the final death blow to occur with the adoption of the un-Vedic Nirayana method by Hindu almanac providers.

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