The adoption of this un-Vedic method of calculation, binding on all Hindus throughout the world and which has brought so much confusion into Hinduism, was for purely commercial reasons. There was no great and illuminating revelation – sruti, dristi – involved in the switch to this un-Vedic system; whereas we have verses preserved in the Rig Veda and the Atharva Veda indicating specifically that it is the Tropical Zodiac ONLY that must be followed. On the other hand, when printing presses were engaged for the preparation and dissemination of the calendar of observances, the entire operation of preparing timings for temples and astrologers became one of commercial interests rather than to be at the service of the sacred. There was no VEDIC basis involved in the introduction of the current Nirayana system of calendar observances for Hindus, - a tragic state of affairs. 

Today this commercially-inspired development has caused chaos to reign in matters that should be luminous and unquestionable. There is no ‘authority’ within the current Nirayana system who can defend its unillumined origins, or in any way demonstrate its superiority over the Vedic method of calculation. The Chief Pundits of the temples themselves rely entirely on almanac writers whose vested interests are served by propagating a Bija Correction to establish an exclusive Ayanamsha starting point that he or she can ‘prove’ is superior to other almanac producers. This is the way exclusivity is maintained by the different Pachangakars. If they seek to increase their popularity – and of course the sale of their Almanacs – they must simply claim that their ‘correction’ is more ‘scientifically accurate’. 

The truth is that there cannot be any such accuracy in the Nirayana system. Science cannot determine any ‘accurate’ Ayanamsha in the circle of CONSTELLATIONS which is constantly shifting. That is, the various Ayanamshas proposed in the un-Vedic system float in a void, as it were. The ‘circle’ they are measured against is not prescribed in the Veda precisely because it is not FIXED. The only truly scientific and astronomically correct system is the Vedic Tropical Zodiac, the Sayana system, WHICH NEVER VARIES: each year the Ayanamsha for the correct start of the Hindu calendar of observances is the same, - the Equinox of 21 March. 

The falsehood that has taken hold, the lie that must be exposed is this question of ‘scientific accuracy’ of the Nirayana system over the Vedic Sayana method, which does not in any way serve Hindus but only the vested commercial interests of Almanac Publishers. Their claims have no Vedic sanction at all. 

But here is the saddest part: their adoption by different astrologers and temple pundits is similar to drug addiction. Once astrologers decide to adopt one of the numerous almanacs on the market, proffered through a particular family of astrologers, gurus or pundits, forever after they must continue to use that Almanac with its exclusive ‘bija correction’ that makes it different from the other competitors in the field.

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