‘The Room must be seen in its time aspect as well as its space aspect…its power and purpose are revealed only when we observe its history from the moment it was pulled down into the Earth dimension from the subtle plane of Truth, - from the moment it began its history in Time, for Time is the method by which sense, purpose, meaning is written into form, into Space. Hence the chamber’s fundamental aspect of Integration is revealed by this method and is understood by a thorough study of its being in Time. In so doing we discover the role all powers and forces play in the development, and how they are all a necessary part of its history and must, each one of them, be integrated and find their places in the new world. That is, the chamber reveals a process of transmutation of energies, accomplished on the basis of an integration of all powers – the dark and the light.’
 PNB - 1977 

The New Way, Volume 1, Chapter 10,
The Rooting of the Truth-Consciousness, p. 148

Aeon Books (1981)  


here are especially significant verses in the Rig Veda which make reference to a new Heaven and a new Earth. The phrase also figures most prominently in the last book of the New Testament, The Revelation. We realise by this across the continents, across the board, across the ages happening that there must be something special here, something to discover which may have the power to transfigure our lives. And indeed this is so. The revelations around the Mother’s chamber allow us to draw aside veils that have clothed this mystery for thousands of years.           

I have pointed out the unusual nature of the phrase due to its quasi oxymoron quality. We can quite easily understand what a NEW Earth might mean; but what of the really inscrutable mention of a new Heaven?  

No one has explained how Heaven can be ‘made new’. It would appear to contradict what spirituality and religions have always sustained: Heaven is unchanging, extra-cosmic above all. Therefore there can be no ‘newness’ attributed to it which would be a contradiction in terms since ‘newness’ requires movement leading to change, precisely a property of the cosmic manifestation.  By common accord Heaven’s very essence is considered immutable, the epitome of stable and unchanging extra-cosmic Permanence. 

The verse quoted from the Mahamaya in Announcement 2, does throw light on this precise situation: a ‘heaven made new’. When it is stated that the measurements of the temple projected onto the cosmos make of that universal surround a ‘perfection as well’, readers of the Chronicles and the three Volumes of The New Way can readily understand exactly how this elusive ‘new Heaven’ comes into being. We have the entire process detailed in the Chronicles and Updates: the ‘perfect measurements’ describe that ‘new Heaven’. The temple’s Inner Chamber is the new model of the universe sought after by many esoteric schools, the last of which was Gurdjieff’s in the 20th Century.

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