When duly completed neither can claim the prize or proclaim ‘Victory’, for it is only Vishnu Himself who is victorious. 

The Titan’s labour in Auroville signified that what might have taken centuries to accomplish was done in the mere prescribed 36 years from 1971 to the present, - a remarkable acceleration never before experienced. They pressed forward like blinkered steeds in Pluto’s Underworld to complete the four enneads covering all four planes of Being, - the Supramental/Spiritual, the Mental, the Vital, and finally the Physical. Nothing luminous was allowed to be made a part of the building, only the labour. But that in itself is praiseworthy; for the Gods sin by their inability to hold firm. They are necessary in the plot to goad the Titans to themselves hold firm for the required period while Time gestates the brew of the new Age of Vishnu, which Sri Aurobindo has so cogently described in this Aphorism:  

‘Family, nationality, humanity are Vishnu's three strides from an isolated to a collective unity. The first has been fulfilled, we yet strive for the perfection of the second, towards the third we are reaching out our hands and the pioneer work is already attempted.’  

In this Aphorism we have confirmed how step by each of Vishnu Trivikrama’s three magical Strides we reach the goal of our times. These are described, as per the Rig Veda: the Lion, the Bull, and lastly the Friend. It confirms that Sri Aurobindo understood how the Strides are related to the appearances of the last two Avatars of Vishnu, Rama and Krishna (the zodiacal Lion – or the Family as in his epic, the Ramayana; and the Bull – the Nation, as in the expanded Mahabharat). And that with the final stride, in the Veda referred to as ‘the Friend’, it is Sri Aurobindo himself who comes to fulfil the Divine Order in the Aquarian period of Mitra, the Friend. Only the Evolutionary Avatar of the Transcendent 9, by his own passing and rebirth in Earth time in a connected line, can bring into being that New Heaven for all of humanity. 

Matrimandir Action Committee
9 July 2007

POSTSCRIPT: The full higher knowledge content of the Chamber as per the Mother’s Plan with its precise measurements was known in the 1970s, when attempts were made to convince the builders to revert to the original, and writing The New Way was in progress. As indicated by the quote at the top and attested to by its three volumes, the understanding of the role of all the participants was known from the beginning; as well as the sublime participation of Vishnu himself. From those earliest days it was ‘seen’ that what was being played out was the grandest of Vedic myths, the Churning of the Milky Ocean. But what was not seen then, the most amazing part of the saga by far, which has surfaced only now, is that both tasks would be completed exactly within the pre-determined period of 36 years – simultaneously. (12/7/2007)

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