All these attempts were unsuccessful because none were based on Sruti, the Vedic revelation. None were inspired by Mahasaraswati.  

Thus, Heaven remained the old and incomplete projection of thousands of years which unveiled no newness. On the other hand, the measurements as given by the Mother in her momentous act of seeing have done exactly what the Mahamaya joyously proclaims: the perfection of the measurements holds the secrets of that New Heaven. And this is what ‘descends’, this alone can make the Earth new.  

But above all else to note is that it is from the Earth that the Vision arises.  

When we have removed the veils covering the meaning of these sacred verses, can we join in celebrating the completion of a Matrimandir in which nothing of the Sacred exists, which is only a celebration of a human labour giving form on the material plane to a human vision inspired by the human ego? 

What then, we must ask, has been the objective of these parallel developments over the past 36 years? For surely in a ‘new Heaven’ of the Supramental Gnosis, where control is its key feature, a development of this unusual order cannot be outside its purview. Rather, we discover with an in-depth observation that without the human labour, unrelenting and steadfast, the Yoga of the Chamber, and finally the Yoga of the Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, could never have been successfully completed. Heaven could not have been made new. And without that, as described in great detail in various fora of the New Way, the Earth could not have been transformed to express her own unique newness, a perfect reflection of that Heaven. 

To be more specific, the negation of the builders of Matrimandir, with their constant rejection of every item of the Mother’s vision and plan of her Inner Chamber, rooted the process in that one point on Earth. The product of their efforts has become a mirror image, but in the negative. What is not a part of that new Heaven is captured in the Auroville building. But the Divine Nectar that arose from the churning of the Titans and Gods is the vision of Heaven itself transformed, Heaven made new. [1]

 Now we can enter the secret chamber where the knowledge of all that is New is hidden. And there we see Vishnu in control of the great churning of the Ocean of Time where all things are brewed, pressing down from above on the Axis of Light – gau, the solar Ray of 365 days – of that Chamber, holding it steady and firmly rooted in the Earth, making sure that both Titans and Gods complete their allotted tasks.

[1]  In The Mother’s Agenda, Volume 1, entry dated November 7, 1961, the Mother reveals just how pervasive interest was in discovering the hidden meaning of this phrase by various groups: ‘…There is also what Theon and Madame Theon used to say. They never spoke of “Supermind”, but they used the same thing as the Vedas, that the world of Truth must incarnate on earth and create a new world. They even picked up the old phrase from the Gospels, “a new heaven and a new earth” which is the same thing the Vedas speak of...’


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