Chronicles of the Inner Chamber


5 – Inner and Outer: the One and the Many


The Mother was very clear: ‘I did not see the outside…only the inside…’ Further, she indicated that she was open to suggestions. In the Matrimandir Talks, 17 January 1970, there is even some discussion on the subject, and a sketch as well. What begins to emerge is the temple’s outer shape, the Vishnu Shalagrama, one of the most sacred forms in Vedic culture.
          This was to be the collectivity’s contribution to the Mother’s temple. The cosmic/yogic principles involved are the One and the Many; or else, the Unity and the Multiplicity; or the Point and the Circle; or the Centre and the Periphery. These are different ways of expressing a key aspect of the Supermind. That is, when we have a ‘supramental manifestation’, we know that in some way these two seemingly opposing positions or principles must be reconciled.
          India has grappled yogically with this conundrum for two thousand years - and has been seemingly unsuccessful. From the time of Gautam the Buddha to the present, we observe how slowly and steadily the issue has been entirely shelved; no such reconciliation was possible. The only ‘solution’ was to escape, to ignore the problem, to undermine its very existence by describing the components involved as ‘illusion’. The direction of the quest was changed and consequently the goal; Sri Aurobindo has elaborated on the matter in his Letters on Yoga.
          This was the fate of the Vedic Divine Maya. UP THERE she was allowed her ‘space’. When a split in the yogic perceptive capacity arose ‘down here’, she was simply Maya, devoid of any divine attributes. The yogic spirit of India succumbed to the same disease which afflicted the entire globe at the end of the 8th Manifestation of Sri Krishna when realms BEYOND became the goal of the quest, unlike pre-Buddhist Vedic India. Some described it as the onset of a Kaliyuga.

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