More importantly, it could then be drawn into the integration process, thereby reconciling one of creation’s greatest paradoxes. It is the same conundrum quantum physics faces when it seeks to measure the position of point and/or wave: it is one or the other. This symbol, transposed to the respective duties of the Mother and the group, reconciles the paradox and expresses the simultaneous harmony of the two. Those two elements were, first and foremost, the 24m chamber floor diameter – no more, no less – and the placement of the chamber of 24m in a perfect circle with a consequent radius of 14.40m. They determined the correct dimensions of the Shalagrama whereby it became integrated into the whole. It was then elevated to the realm of sacred geometry.
          In this simple manner, via sacred geometry applied to an architectural form, one of the deepest truths of the Supermind is made manifest and its goals are furthered.

Some basics
The classic Shalagrama is constructed on the basis of three interrelated circles. This in itself allows us to appreciate why in India it is one of the most sacred forms of geometry, revealing as it does the triune nature of reality, which Sri Aurobindo describes as Transcendent, Cosmic, and Individual; or else Sat-Chit-Ananda. Reproduced below is the construction of the three circles with their respective radii.                  



     From: The New Way, Vol. 2, Chapter 11, p. 425,
The Inner and Outer Harmony (Aeon Books, 1981).


          The inner chamber whose diameter is 24m is placed within the central circle (in a ‘perfect circle’, as the Mother mentioned). When the walls are extended upward they meet that circle at a height of 8.65m. This ‘perfect circle’ determines the proportions of the circumscribing Shalagrama. With the Motherís chamber of the specified measurements at the centre, it will be 36m x 28.80m.
          In the Auroville Matrimandir there is nothing touching those crucial points in space. There is no 24m and by consequence no 8.65m meeting that significant inner occult circle.

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