Mona Doctor, Auroville architect, continues to propagate on the official Auroville website (www.auroville.org/sacred geometry) that the Great Pyramid shape exists in the Auroville temple, not only failing to state who actually made the discovery in 1976 (MACís convenor) but ignoring all these years our repeated pleas to honour the true position which is that nothing of the Great Pyramid exists in what they have constructed in the Motherís name in Auroville (see CIC 6). Hence her article and claims are totally false. They continue to deliberately mislead the public. Considering the phenomenal precision the pre-Pharaonic Egyptians possessed, is it any wonder that the Mother pleaded for precision in the execution of her plan, connected as it has been proven to that former revelation? She had every right to believe that we could achieve the same results; but in this Aquarian Age by honouring the task set before us, and which the Great Pyramid directly helped us to achieve.
         The purpose of the Motherís Vision concerns the time factor. In pre-historic Egypt it was spatial factors and physical mass. Alignment of the Motherís chamber is as important as alignment was for the Great Pyramid, particularly the chamberís crosswise shafts, - horizontal and vertical. In a yogic process, ultimately this gives us the perfect centre that fills the Void.
          This is the goal of the Yoga of the Year, if it may be so called Ė Earthly and Precessional. That is, the annual cycle of 12 months and the greater cycle of 12 but spread over 25,920 years. Both these circles (of time) had to converge in 234 BCE. They did, thanks to the Great Pyramid. Meanwhile the Sphinx preserves this secret for us and reveals the axis, Aquarius/Leo, when the Avatar would appear to complete the work set in motion 12,000 years ago in a direct line. In the Motherís revelation we have this convergence meticulously honoured in the descending solar ray which must touch the globe/pedestal at a very precise location if the Ďsymbol of the future realisationí is to operate and fulfil its function.
         For more information see The New Way, Vol. 2, Chapter 9, concerning the position of the Great Pyramid at exactly 30 degrees East, 30 degrees North on the globe which, according to the geo-cosmological ruler of the New Way, is the geo-zodiacal point of the start of the Aquarian Age when the zodiac is projected onto and across the globe.
          Given the precision noted above, we are not surprised to discover that the current measure of the Precession of the Equinoxes, which the Earthís wobble brings about, is 25,920 years; and that the birthdates of each member of the Solar Line Ė 2-5-9-2/0 - have cemented that sacred measure in our planetís unfolding destiny in time. This, coupled with the revelation of the Great Pyramidís secret, causes wonder and awe and instils a reverence for the Consciousness that could so sovereignly and meticulously organise this Descent to further its Divine Plan.
         It is only the petty human ego that stands in the way of this immense Vision taking shape in a physical construction affecting the destiny of the whole Earth. Colossal indeed is the human ignorance that pretends to improve upon that Plan! 

Matrimandir Action Committee,
1 June 2004

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