According to the newspaper report, ‘…Large amounts of mass need to be moved from one place to another so that the Earth is “off balance” to make the Earth wobble, according to Blewitt, who said the North Pole then adjusts to a new position to compensate.’ (Emphasis ours.)
        These latest findings concur with our assessment in these Chronicles regarding the essential purpose of the Great Pyramid as reported in CIC 11. While science may not be ready to apply this discovery to the Pyramid, its mass, located very near the equatorial band where ‘bulges’ matter the most, has to be taken into consideration. It was constructed during the 7th Manifestation of Sri Ram, 7th in the Line of Ten Avatars. And we do have stories in the Ramayana about Hanuman moving enormous stones to construct the bridge to Lanka. Quaint tales? Perhaps. Or perhaps the Earth soul’s memories (myths) of deeds long, long past. In this case, we now have evidence that a shift in mass can produce a change in the wobble which in turn directly affects the Precessional movement. This unveiling of the secret of the Great Pyramid has far-reaching implications. As predicted by the Sphinx, we realise that 1926 was the momentous turning point, the time of revelation and completion. During the 7th evolutionary avataric appearance in the 7th Manifestation, the Cosmic Clock was re-set so that the future convergence would occur ‘right on time’.
         In The New Way (Aeon Books, 1981) it is repeatedly stated that this is the function of the Evolutionary Avatars: to re-set the Clock and to imprint the evolutionary matrix by their coming in accordance with this harmony.
        What is revealed in these pages is a realisation of trikaladrishti, as the Veda calls this faculty, (vision of the three times). It is a vast prophetic capacity with a practical application, rare in the world of the Spirit as we know it today. This reveals a civilisation totally different from ours, where science served exclusively that ‘higher purpose’. And what a science it was! We have nothing comparable today.
         On the other hand, is this any different than the 9th Avatar, Sri Aurobindo, leaving us the sacred Formula, 9/6/3/0, in his own symbol? Or the Mother’s capacity to know that this was the great key for the years to come and that it must form the heart of her Chamber and must be set in place with the same meticulous precision that was used for the construction of the Great Pyramid – and for a similar connected purpose?

         The problem lies in the executors of her express command (‘an engineer not an architect’…). There seems to be no apparent reason why these great deeds could not have been cemented for many centuries to come in the Auroville Matrimandir. Instead we have to dedicate our time to exposing the falsehood that has taken root there, in the effort at least to halt the on-going deception, while contingency plans had to be implemented over the last three decades to assuage the damage. Just imagine the fate of the Earth and the Supramental Manifestation today – so closely connected to Egypt of 12,000 years ago - if a simple architect of no higher realisation were to have usurped the position of the Initiate then and imposed his will on the colossus, claiming his vision to be superior to that of the Seer. Of course this is unthinkable. But it has transpired in our times when technology does not know how to serve ‘a higher purpose’, and university degrees are the be-all-end-all of the quest for knowledge.

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