(From time to time the Matrimandir Action Committee will post updates for our readers with new revelations and information relevant to the Mother’s Vision and our activities with reference to the CHRONICLES OF THE INNER CHAMBER).


Update 1 – 1 June 2004

Extract from Chronicle 11, dated February 2004, followed by the new commentaries:

 ‘The question of mass and alignment

‘The pre-Pharaonic Egyptians understood the question of mass. The Great Pyramid provides the proof. Science has not addressed this aspect of the colossus yet, mainly because it still refuses to accept that its builders possessed a science and technology far beyond ours. It is impossible, they sustain, and therefore they refuse to look at it, in spite of the ground reality.
          ‘The answer we seek in the Great Pyramid lies in its mass which involves the most baffling aspect of the structure: the size and positioning of the massive stones that tightly and accurately constitute this mass. But there is more, and this involves alignment and the core, which in turn are provided by shafts of great precision traversing the Pyramid, and the chambers at specific locations and of specific dimensions. All of this has been executed with a precision completely unparalleled and unrealisable by us today. Above all, we have no idea why such a phenomenal effort would have consumed an entire civilisation. The answer lies in the question of alignment indeed, but not just for Egypt. It involves the Earth’s axis itself; spatial however, unlike the Mother’s chamber where it is a question of time axial alignment as these Chronicles demonstrate and true to the Rig Veda heritage.
         ‘The mass, proportions and design of the Great Pyramid brought about a ‘shifting of the poles’, as it were. To be more accurate, it was a balancing factor, a compensation, if you will. For example, while the 5 days over the 360 of the perfect circle have to be accommodated in the Mother’s core, so too in the Great Pyramid the spatial equivalent needed to be factored. It is similar to a weight placed at a particular point in a rolling sphere so that a determined course and rotation could be attained and maintained. Knowledge of the secrets of mass and proportion provided those hallowed Initiates with the means to ‘conquer space’. In the Mother’s chamber the element we deal with is time. Thus the precision demanded now, similar to the construction of the Great Pyramid, involves the correct measurements of the chamber and, above all, the correct dimensions of the globe and pedestal and their location beneath the descending solar ray. In both instances a ‘rectification’ of a certain imbalance is the issue. The Earth is sacred within the solar system because she houses an evolving species which can ponder these mysteries and serve as conscious instruments for this ‘correction process’, with all that it signifies. At no other place in our System is this operation possible.’ (From CIC 11, page 9.)

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