And now 37 years down the line that offering of itself as a field for a very special Supramental process has been received and accepted by the Supreme, and is therefore no longer required. The work is done.
            A legitimate question to ask is, was this known to the Mother when it all began? Of course it was known. In 1970, two years after the City’s official inauguration, the Mother knew exactly the nature of the power she was dealing with and what had to be done. She declared this in no uncertain terms, as recorded in the Matrimandir Talks (December 31, 1969 – 17 January 1970).
            But we do not need the words of the Mother to prove the point. We need only look at WHAT IS. In the first place, there was the reverse direction of the endeavour, the result of which would be to ENTRAP that power, known in occult circles as the Lord of Nations, in the Shadow Temple. This reverse direction was set in motion in 1968. The usual development, in an enterprise of such critical importance in Sri Aurobindo’s work for the world, would be to start with the Centre, the Temple, and proceed outward. Instead, we note that the City was first established. That was the signal that something was ‘planned’ for that beginning in time other than what was apparent. But at each step of the way the Mother gave the people a choice: the Divine ‘plan’ or the human. And each time the people opted for the human.
            Thus it is evident that the Mother had regular confirmation of the true purpose of the City, set in motion officially in 1968. On that occasion the revealing factor was the rejection of her design and measurement of the all-important Urn, the main item of the inauguration ceremony. Not only was its lotus form rejected but the most important element was completely ignored: the measurement of its height which is the Measurement of the Third of the Solar Line, 1.65m – embodiment of the essence of the third planet of our solar system, of the Earth herself.  And that is where the soil of all the nations of the world would be contained ever after. But instead it was fashioned ‘in man’s image’ not the Divine’s. Thus the destiny was fixed and set on its way on that special day in 1968.
            What were the consequences of that rejection of the Divine way in favour of the human? The reverse direction was cemented, drawing the forces involved ever deeper into a vortex, a trap as it were, so that in a very brief span of 27 years, which in the long evolution of these sacred matters is but the blinking of an eye, the work would be done. This was to be the new Kurukshetra.
            The Divine Strategy set in motion then was to draw the forces that have kept the Earth under the rule of the Ignorance and to localise them in one spot, to thus consolidate the action, to allow it to be focussed in one prize place on the globe. In this strategic manner the Ignorance could be vanquished; and only in this manner.
            Moving inward, the next offering of the Mother to the people was the sacred plan of her Chamber in January of 1970. But again that was rejected in favour of the human, thus putting the final seal on the nature of the operation being undertaken at that new Kurukshetra. More importantly, this brought the development to its true reason for being – as indeed we would expect when the soul point was reached, the centre of the City. It was to provide a ‘field’ for the Third in the Solar Line to bring into being a centre. In all such operations, if at all this has occurred after the Vedic Age, the physical construction can only occur AFTER the centre has come into being by a yogic process of a very special order. We find this described with impeccable beauty in the Rig Veda, and in very great detail. With the birth of Agni the sacred Fire, and the realisation of Skambha, the most mysterious element of the Sacrifice in days of yore, that Cosmic Pillar could then be the upholder of the worlds, from subtle to physical.

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