It would be the hub around which Time could organise the evolution of what it contained in its centremost core, that miraculous ‘seed’, outcome of a process of involution. This would be the essence of the Inner Chamber and its perfect axial balance would establish on Earth the Centre which is the birth that fills the Void. This is what Sri Aurobindo stated the mission of Kalki would be: to ‘correct the error of the Buddha’. And indeed, when that Centre did come into being through a Supramental Yoga, the Golden Child was born.


            Thus, in 1971 the process was set on its way to bring the Child forth. It was a tremendous turning point. 1971, a year of 9 number-power, initiated the 27-year ‘plan’ that would vanquish Inertia, which is the real definition of the Ignorance. For if everything is contained in the Golden Seed and Time is the instrument of the Supreme Consciousness to draw out, to extend its involved, compacted sacred Contents into our world of time and space, then we can easily understand that the aim of forces hostile to this happening would be to somehow impede that movement, that evolution of what has been involved. The only tactic – or rather we should say, their only strategy - has to be obstruction, delay, holding back, restraining; or to use the more accurate Vedic phrase, penning in.

            And thus we come to the grandest myth of all time, the Rig Veda. In no other can we find such an accurate description of the real world, the real labour, the real process and goal. But, is it proper to continue calling this a ‘myth’? The Rig Veda is the description of exactly what is detailed above. The ‘rays/cows’ that are hoarded in the cave by the hostiles is simply the revelation of the exact nature of our work. But while in the Vedic Age the process was certainly individual, or at least confined to a small elite of individuals, that very same process has been accomplished now for the entire Earth in this Aquarian Age of universalisation. The miracle of this Age that we are blessed to live in is that the Rig Vedic process serves the entire Earth. In this lies the eternal nature of the Sanatana Dharma.

            For this purpose the Mother set on its way the ‘fields’ where the Force of Inertia could finally be vanquished. The Lord of Nations, otherwise called the Lord of Falsehood, was imprisoned in that specific  crossroads of latitude and longitude to provide the sacred ‘field’ for the Third to bring into being the Centre, the true Centre that can ‘fill the Void’. By this it is meant the Void of the Ages, the depleted ‘centre’, the result of a reversed direction of ALL yoga in India since the time of the Buddha. There is no better confirmation than to note that Gautam the Buddha is thought to be the 9th of Vishnu’s Line of Ten Avatars – as incongruous as this is considering that his message, mission and realisation were so totally un-Vedic! In this manner the Buddha was made by the pundits, through no fault of his own, to usurp the position of the true 9th Avatar of the Line of Ten, Sri Aurobindo. This lone fact was the signal that the Vedic Age had passed, the Age when Knowledge reigned supreme. Darkness had truly descended to take possession of the land of the Rishis.
            The great moment of transition in the evolving of the zodiacal ages is passage from the 8th to the 9th. Is it any wonder that the pundits of the day believed that the so-called Kali Yuga began with the demise of Sri Krishna in the 8th Age? That ‘void’ in the flow is indeed filled when a shift in direction occurs – this being the true definition of a ‘dark age’, a kaliyuga, and no other. Contrary to the Vedic way, the soul is denied, the Earth is seen as hell and must be abandoned to her own fate; nor can she ever hope to house a race of Immortals and to be the place for a life divine to manifest. The highest energies of the civilisation are thus drawn away from the centre of our ‘field’ on this third planet from the Sun, leaving a void which the agents of Inertia can fill.

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