The task was then to take possession of that centre once again. To pierce the ‘cave’ and liberate the hoarded rays/cows so that the rise from below, the evolution that Agni leads, can reach the summit where the full victory is achieved, where the Serpent Vritra, coverer of the Sun, is finally vanquished.
           This is why a ‘field’ is demanded, a new Kurukshetra in this 9th Manifestation, just as the former Kurukshetra served the 8th Avatar of Vishnu so well in the Manifestation before ours, the 8th. And it is exactly what has happened in the ‘fields’ the Mother set on their way in 1968 and 1971. The Yoga required was identical to the process described so minutely in the Rig Veda, the only difference being – and it is a huge difference indeed – that the scope is now universal.
            For this to have occurred Supermind was demanded; without its descent that universal victory could not have taken place. There would have been no possibility of a harmony and integration of the One and the Many. The Power of Inertia could not have been vanquished for the whole Earth.

Now that the work is done we can reveal the fullest details of this momentous turning point for the Earth. This Yoga, covering 27 years, had to set in motion a reverse direction than what the city and temple inaugurations brought into being in time, - for it is Time itself that has been the aid in the Yoga. They went from outer to inner. This counteracting Supramental Yoga moves from inner to outer, from the point of Unity (the Chamber-Centre) to the Multiplicity (the City).
            It took 27 years to gestate and bring into being the Mother’s Chamber (1971-1998), all the while depleting the Lord of Nations of any power to ‘sting’ by compressing him more and more tightly into a point. Thereafter the laying of the Foundation Symbol-Stone of the City-Consciousness took only 7 years, once the former labour was completed and the ‘field’ of the Centre had been liberated: the true Centre was in place. Though labour it was, now, happily, we can state, the work is done.
            Within the cycle of 9, or the ennead beginning in 1998, this 7-power year, 2005, is of deepest importance; for it is now that the centremost Axis is set in place (yogicly) by virtue of a reversal that occurred in 2002 and continued to the present, culminating with the laying of the Foundation Symbol-Stone of the City-Consciousness, cleansed of all the ‘mixture’ of old that the Mother warned us of in the Matrimandir Talks.
            In the midst of these two and a half years, from 2002 to the present, the Yoga of the Chronicles was undertaken.* That brought the final demise of the Ignorance, trapped as it was in the Shadow-Chamber expressly created for this most sacred purpose, and of the greatest service imaginable to the Earth.
            By the spring of 2004 the ‘stinger’ was cut, the power-source of Inertia was eliminated; it was rendered out of bounds to the Usurpers. Thus the ‘purpose’ of the former city and temple has been completed victoriously, dark though it was. But can we really call it a dark purpose? Surely we cannot, in the light of a total vision of the work we are engaged in. Those ‘fields’ were required until August 2005. But the Symbol ‘construction’ that was finalised then brought their reason for being to an end.
            The Mother’s inspired symbol, true foundation of the City, even as her symbol is the true plan of the Chamber in her Temple, has been constructed and set in place in the soil of Earth-Consciousness,

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