The Solar, on the other hand, wields the freer and more potent power of the Sun itself, the pure substance or essence. And as time moves on and the Work reaches the third level where the realisation of Skambha becomes established, the centre that has thus come into being by this sacred process can stand alone in the midst of a world in chaos, firmly rooted on this planet. Provided, of course, that the 9 has become the 10.
         In this manner we have shown that even in the midst of a society totally hostile to all that Skambha stands for, the work is done because when the 9 becomes the 10 the laws of the Solar World, of Swar, are brought into the play; and they determine the unfolding in time of the Golden Seed of 9/6/3/0-1.

The attacks by the Sons of Darkness are relentless; but they are as if shadowboxing because the object of the attack is simply not there, though entirely grounded in the soil of this material world. Once the 9 becomes the 10, once the passage to retrieve the ‘lost Sun’ is victoriously accomplished, indeed the Sons of Darkness no longer have the power to inflict wounds or to slay the Divine Child born of this miraculous gestation of the 9. Death and his helpers have been conquered, and this is the first step on the road to immortality – today, as it was for the Rishis thousands of years ago.

         They are still with us, the luminous Immortal Ones, the Ancients. When the 9 has become the 10, when Skambha is born in the consciousness-being of the Seer, death is conquered just as Sri Aurobindo described in the 10th Book of his epic. Because the Rishis realised Skambha on this sacred soil they remain with us, ‘…though manifest, they are still hidden, secret’, but they are the guiding spirits of the New Way, the luminous Ancient Ones.
          India has yet to awaken from a deep slumber. The whole Earth sleeps, subjected to the same spell the Sons of Darkness have cast. The time to awaken from this deep sleep has come because Skambha is realised and provides ‘the centre that holds’.

‘This earth is ours, a field of Night’
In 1976, when the final veil was drawn aside concealing the deepest secrets of the Mother’s Vision, with it came the knowledge that the nuclear issue would be centred on India and not between the then super powers. This was inevitable given the distorted axis as it was right at that time set in place in the Auroville Matrimandir. At the time this seemed preposterous, yet this is what the distortions revealed, a subject matter we will leave for another time. Yet it has come to pass.

          All of this has to do with the final element in the equation: 0-1. It is interesting that these numbers have become so immensely significant in our contemporary civilisation. Indeed, when in 1969 the Mother revealed her work with Number in the creative zone of the physical, could she have imagined the scope and sweep of her nighttime activities? Or that Number would dominate both the mundane and the sacred in an unfolding that stood only a few years in the future? Ground Zero is the codeword for what has come to be a very controlled operation revealing the full extent of the new Power working in the world. There are some revolutionary functions of this Power which 9/11 demonstrated better than anything we could describe in these pages.

[6] See: September Trilogy, Plus One. Available through Aeon Books and www.aeongroup.com.


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