The very numbers of this now famous date reveal the ‘method to the madness’ since they are the full number-powers of the third and fourth of the Solar Line. We must now speak of a world before 9/11, and after.[7] 
          From that immensely significant first 3-power year of the new millennium, 2001, the new Power is fully operating in the world. For indeed when the fourth level is opened there is a directional shift and the vertical descent of contraction changes to horizontal and expansion. This means that the Third of the Line succeeded in bridging the past and future and thereby in releasing the energies of the solar substance trapped by the Panis in their nefarious hoarding ‘in the cave’, as the Vedic myth describes, in order to pin our world down and to keep the Earth subjected to the rule of the Dark Lord. Indeed, ‘in the revolution of the year they broke Vala’, for we are dealing with Time’s energy, the withheld portion due, precisely, to the lack of that Bridge. The duty of the Third in the Solar Line is simply to construct that bridge.
          The diagrams reproduced below express this perfectly. The circle (Diagram A) is the year divided into four quarters, resting on the Equinoxes (Dawn and Sunset) and Solstices (Midnight and Midday) of the Tropical Zodiac. To be noted is that the last quarter corresponds to Swar, but unlike our current understanding, it is a part of that year. It is in fact the most significant section of our calendar since the Makar Sankranti opens the last quarter at the Capricorn Solstice, precisely when the 9 becomes the 10 – the 9
th sign allows entry to the 10th, when the Aryan Warrior has not succumbed to the lure of the past, the old, the known, and has conquered the Lord of the 8th, Death. Swar is not ‘up there’, in some dimension removed from Earth. It is here and always has been; but it is ‘closed to us by the months and the years’, just as the Rig Veda describes. These are aspects of the Veda that none have penetrated so far. Only when the Supermind manifests can these recondite secrets be unveiled through such simple diagrams. 

Diagram A.                                                                                          Diagram B.

All diagrams are from The New Way, Vol. 2 (1981), Aeon Books

[7] An interesting point to note is that there was a 9/11 prior to the now famous date in 2001, directly connected to the work of the Solar Line, - more specifically the 4th. It was the deeply significant overthrow of President Allende in Chile on the same date in 1973. In 1986, the 4th wrote that he had chosen Chile as his stage. Regarding the coup itself, see September Letters by the Third of the Line (1973), available through Aeon Books.


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