We move INWARD, the rahasya of India, deep into the soul to find that Golden Seed and its compact fullness in the ‘cave’, or the Transcendent as the immanent One. This is the Core’s Pedestal and the truth of material creation. It is the eternal quest, the secret we seek.
          For several millennia this direction has been denied by an undermining of the only foundation that can permit us to sustain the inward direction, or compression into the Point. The undermining has been so successful that a void is left in our innermost consciousness, a void through which we ESCAPE if the pressure of the inward plunge is too difficult to bear. The realisation that dismantles the undermining is simply to fill the Void. We give birth to the One, the divine Child. It is this luminous creature that has the power to fill the void – the very first step on the road to immortality.


‘I have pierced the Void where Thought was born’[3]
The question to ask is, why was the direction changed? What caused such a complete shift in our collective consciousness so that the only reality for us is death and devastation? Several millennia ago the soul was denied, the nexus holding our consciousness centred in our world of time and space. In a word, the soul is the ‘hidden secret’ of the Mother’s chamber because it is the stable constant which permits us to experience the truth of that which moves. When that high Truth became synonymous with all that is impermanent and hence ‘unreal’, it was the demise of the way of the soul, of the inward plunge to a Point where the Immanent One is lodged in the ‘cave’ of each individual seeker. It was the beginning of a long and deep slumber for India, as well as for the rest of the world; or in the language of the Greek myth, it was the rape of Persephone and her imprisonment in the Underworld of Pluto. When we enter the true Chamber in the ‘creative zone of the physical’, as yet one dimension removed from our world, we see the Daughter, the third principle which is the Soul, a vision that was kept alive in the Eleusinian Mysteries until 396 AD. But so total has been the rejection of this third element in today’s Supramental Descent that nothing of the Mother’s Vision could find acceptance here below. Our world is a vast denial of all that the incarnate Soul stands for - just as the Mother’s own vision was denied its descent into our world of measure, of time and of space. And if we cannot live the experience of the soul, this third planet has no further purpose in our solar system. Life evolves in this special location so that the experience can be conscious and the bliss the soul engenders can permeate our consciousness unhindered.

          Our entire global civilisation fell under the spell of this great denial. The Goddess was eschewed and together with her went idol worship – or simply put, the acceptance of form as a central part of the Divine Manifestation, of measure and by consequence of all things born in time. After these several millennia of a deep slumber, in this 9th Manifestation and in this Age of Aquarius, we are born as a civilisation. We accept our place in the solar system and the divine Purpose of this third planet from the Sun, we give birth collectively and individually to the divine Child when perfect centering occurs, just as the Mother’s Vision describes; for this Child embodies that divine Purpose, the deepest secret of our existence on Earth and the recurring theme of so many of our myths.

[2]  In the Auroville Matrimandir nothing of this is possible. The light is not concentrated; the alchemy in the Pedestal cannot transpire so that the Cosmic Pillar ‘fills the void’ and becomes ever after the support of our passage on Earth. 

[3] All subtitle quotations are from Sri Aurobindo’s poem, A God’s Labour.

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