The nature of that ‘heaven’ is described accurately by the Solar Line itself on the basis of Sri Aurobindo’s formula in that only the numbers of the years of their births need to be calculated, not as in the Lunar Line where the full count of day and month and year are required. Thus Sri Aurobindo is 9 by virtue of the year, 1872 (=9). Similarly, the Mother is 6 by virtue of 1878 (=6) alone; and the third by her year count alone, 1938 (=3). These are the basic Laws, though the full birth counts are utilised when the case demands. But as a signature of a certain solar essence, this is the method.[5]
         This 9/6/3 is then imprinted or stamped on the rest of the process and its integrated elements. With the year count alone we note that it is a purer substance, purer ‘tones’, as it were; and this describes the true nature of swar, the solar world that was the object of the quest. To enter that world death was not required, only that the 9 become the 10. Then, as stated in the Rig Veda, by the ‘recovery of the lost Sun in the revolution of the year’ the victory was achieved. But Sri Aurobindo also noted that the significance of the 9 and the 10 (rays) was more difficult to understand, and which he was ‘not yet in a position to solve’. He would first have to LIVE the experience, complete the passage consciously and return in an unbroken line of time, always respecting that harmony of the year.

‘He who I am was with me still’

This victory is not attainable through trance, samadhi or the unconscious death we know today as a species. Above all, the Solar World is not a heaven to be reached if we live a good life, obey all the rules of moral conduct, follow the one Saviour, or the right dogmas and rituals. Ironically, death ends the journey. The very unconsciousness of the process makes the attainment impossible since the entire quest is based on an increasing lucidity. Above all, and we must be clear on this point, the Sons of Darkness do have the power to assail the Warrior up to the portals of that crucial passage, - but no further. Once the aspirant has crossed the threshold, the great boundary beyond which lies that Solar World, he or she can no longer be assailed because the Sons of Darkness have no access to that kingdom. It is not in any dimension removed from the physical, from the Earth on which we stand. Rather, we must affirm that it is, for the first time, a real grounding but in the core of this third planet from the Sun. The passage allows us to know a psychic plenitude which is the birthright of all those who take birth on Earth.

          On the other hand, the Lunar Line, those ‘dark blue numbers’ of the night time sky of the Mother’s experience (CIC 9), require the full count, as for example, Indira Nehru-Gandhi (19.11.1917=3), the third of the Lunar Line. Though more numbers are involved there is less power, or potency. The ‘substance of the Sun’ is diluted; it cannot operate in full strength but must be relayed, as it were, by the Moon. This function is described in the Mother’s chamber by the circle of 12 columns surrounding the centre-core. This is understandable since the Lunar Line is the extension in the world of the Solar and is far more bound by the rules of the society in which it must operate.

[5]  An example would be employing the complete birth dates to emphasise the importance of the full count of one round in the Precession of the Equinoxes, 25,920 years, as part of ‘refocusing the time lens’, one of the main duties of the Solar Line. Thus the count of each member would be the Mother, 21.2.1878=2, Sri Aurobindo, 15.8.1872=5, the Third, 5.1.1938=9, the Fourth, 26.11.1963=2. Thus each of the members of the Line ‘becomes’ one of the numbers in a round of the Precession of the Equinoxes: 25,920. We need not belabour the point that such a combination is complex and unusual. It reflects the precision of the Supramental Descent which creates its own conditions of manifestation.


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