Once it has taken hold, to uproot it would require such a tremendous shock that the tender new creation could not withstand the impact and would ultimately be carried away in the process. If the dark power is to go, it seeks to establish itself in such a position that it is able to carry with it the new creation about to be born, to carry it down into the whirlpool of a primordial Chaos. For this reason the Heart is its most coveted object, and it must at the outset establish itself there…’ (p.44-45).

             The landmass encompassed by the Capricorn symbol is contained in the Globe by means of the Laws of Correspondence due to the fact that in time the sacred 10th month of Capricorn is ‘contained’ in the Globe. This is the applicable nature of Oneness that plays such a central role in the Supramental Manifestation. And therefore the Goddess Savitri is commanded by the Supreme to bring this gift back to Earth together with Love. That applied Oneness materialises before our inner eye in the Mother’s true Chamber because time and space have been harmonised and integrated in the single descending solar Ray of the chamber of ‘perfect measure’. In this light the Mahamaya so wisely states that when the temple’s measurement is in every way perfect, there will be perfection everywhere.
            The crystal and stand of the Auroville construction no longer serve any purpose. They do nothing to further that perfection. Just the contrary.




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