Distinctions need to be made between various natural phenomena. Cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, all have ‘centres’ – eyes, as they are termed. They are organised formations but numerous, spread throughout the outer coverings of the Earth, amidst her veils, as it were. On the other hand we have volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and resultant tsunamis which have their origins in the very bowels of the planet. That is where their ‘centre’ is found, - in this single ‘core’. The difference is significant. While the atmosphere is prolific in its multiplication of such phenomena, each with its own eye, the movement of the Earth’s crust owes its being to this core activity, to pressures exerted from within. The outer phenomena is measurable, we can follow the development, sometimes over many days, and prepare ourselves; there are no surprises involved. But the key feature of the other is precisely the element of the unexpected.
            We now need to add to the tally of past cyclones that have ravaged the armpit area the tsunami of 2004, which covered not only something of the upper portion but the entire Tail. In fact it is clear that the emphasis this time around was not the armpit proper; rather, it was the Tail, - the whole of it. Indeed, the quake that the clash between the India and Burma plates generated – a fault line that stretches inside and along the Tail’s bottom section - seems to have been a whiplash of sorts, as if the Tail where these plates are located had been flicked like a massive whip in the hands of some raging Elemental that threw back into the area its fullest fury. If we could describe the holocaust in one word it would be rage.
            Readers of these Chronicles and Updates may feel that this has nothing to do with the Mother’s Vision, much less with her plan of the Inner Chamber. But this is not the case since the entire Symbol-Map is given pride of place in her enlightened plan.
            As reported in CIC 8, the total area of India – 40 degrees long. east and 30 degrees lat. north – is ‘contained’ in the 70 cms Globe (40+30=70), as given by the Mother and confirmed by the Knowledge. This is done on the basis of the Laws of Correspondence and Equivalence, a method reserved for Rishis of a very high order such as the Mother (see CIC7).
            Having ‘contained’ or ‘corresponded’ the total landmass of Akhand Bharat in the Globe, the next step was to link the landmass to the year. This means that Time and Space would thus converge in the Globe (and Pedestal). To achieve this harmonisation the positioning of the descending solar Ray (the year) must be exact; and in order to attain that precision, the height of the stone Pedestal must be 50 cms.
            When these measurements are honoured a very great aid is at our disposal to bring a similar harmony into the landmass in question; in this case the obvious effect would be an emphasis on the unity of the area in fulfilment of the high destiny that Capricorn signifies. But when these measurements are inexact, obviously no such help is given and the reverse can be experienced; or else, whatever is attained is on the basis of great efforts:  sizeable expenditures of energy for very little gain.
            The destiny of the Mother’s vision as a focal point for the Laws of Correspondence and Equivalence to operate was a thing decreed long ago. That special destiny could not be changed regardless of the ego’s interference, ‘…the things men do’, to quote the Mother. Inasmuch as the containment would operate in spite of the resistances met along the way of the Chamber’s descent into Earth time and space, the disturbances such interferences and disbelief would engender had also to be accommodated; but not without a certain toll. In other words, the destiny is played out negatively.

            There has thus been a contingency plan in effect to assuage that negativity since the mid 1970s when the Auroville Matrimandir fell irretrievably under the sway of a lesser ‘purpose’.

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