It then became a stronghold of a power inimical to all that the harmonious form stands for; in other words, a retrograde force, a tool of Inertia. Thus we note that over these three decades during which time the contingency plan has been operating in full, on a certain dimension the Mother’s work seemed to have reached an impasse: nothing of its high truth was visible in the world; and the temple in her name was the focal point of deception and mis-measure. What was being accomplished, however, was in secret chambers – but very consciously undertaken. The objective was to counter the retrograde effects of the force that had usurped this sacred-most area on the planet, at the heart of the landmass of her very own Soul – India. During this period the destructive effects of that force were held within certain boundaries by this contingency method in a process of containment based on the aforementioned Laws.
            In 1983 a major turning point was reached. In this contingency plan it was the year of the Globe in what has come to be known as the Yoga of the Chamber. Throughout the ennead of the 1980s (1980-1989) the inner chamber was ‘constructed’ by yogic methods in order to cement the Mother’s original plan in the atmosphere. This was the only means to counter the construction of disharmonious form and measure. It was the only method to save what could be saved for the future of the Work.
            This intense period lasted throughout the 1980s, a very special decade. Only in that decade – or, more properly, ennead - could a particular facet of the chamber be duly set in place. By yogic methods of a very special order, ancient yet new, each year one particular object of the Chamber was thus ‘constructed’. The method’s newness lies in the fact that there is always a renewal because of the role Time and the Becoming must necessarily play in this renovation. With each rising Sun the divine Usha brings a new dawn as she appears on the horizon on her white steed, Agni, carrying her luminous rays in ever-increasing abundance into the lived experience of life on this sacred planet, respecting the demands of the dynamic flow of Time. And it was by the express aid of Time itself that the rectification was done, hinging on the measure of the Year.
            Thus 1983 of 3 number-power was the year that the Globe had to be ‘set in place’. This meant that the distorted horizontal and vertical axes which had been cemented in the Auroville model required ‘correction’ so that the perfect Centre could be realised. It was a labour of untold difficulty given the nature of the resistance and the objective to be attained. We were not only dealing with a situation involving a handful of devotees and the mental aberrations of one architect-usurper. Contained in the effort was the deviation the entire body of Indian spirituality had taken centuries ago, represented in the off-centre axis which created a void where there should be the fullness that emanates from a true centre. In terms of the human endeavour, this is a rightly poised consciousness-being, in turn the outcome of a birth that fills the void. This was indeed accomplished in 1983. The direction was then inward, into a Point, no longer to the Beyond. And thus was born the true Centre, and with it the Earth’s express contribution to her planetary family was redeemed.
            The result was a before and after. Nothing would be the same after this breakthrough. Everything would need to be assessed in the light of this ‘birth’. What was in harmony with that could be termed ‘new’. There could be no mixture thereafter, as the Mother had warned, because the Void of the Ages had been filled. In other words, the Usurper’s days were numbered. 

            Further details of this unique process are not important for MAC readers to know, though the results of these operations have been documented in numerous publications, starting in 1985 with the appearance of The Vishaal Newsletter which was issued every two months until 1996 as a means of keeping the group spread throughout the world informed of the progress as it was taking place.

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