But the 1983 positioning of the Globe via the rectification of the crosswise axes was only the beginning. Nonetheless, it marked a significant turning point in that the victory was thereafter secure – a Golden Seed had been planted in the heart of Time. There could be no going back because Time’s on-going, forward march is irreversible.
            Together with the translucent Globe (1983) the stone pedestal had to be ‘positioned’ in 1984. But its placement was a foregone conclusion when the Globe that received the Golden Seed was set in place through whose bosom this Seed passes. The Globe determines the measurements and form of the Pedestal (see CIC 7). Thus 1983 and 1984 must be viewed as one connected yogic operation: the successful accomplishment involving the Globe could only result in the proper Pedestal. And this too is faithful to the Knowledge and the contours of the Supramental Manifestation as designed by the Supreme Shakti.
            There were 27 years set aside for the ‘descent’ of the Chamber, 1971 to 1998, and the related yogic processes it set in motion. We note that 1983-4 was the exact midway point in this designated period. By 1998 the task was largely completed. The Inner Chamber was then an indestructible element in the Mother’s work, at its very heart. From that time the process of exposure could begin. MAC is a part of that on-going process.
            Now we must focus on the deeper ‘contents’ of the translucent Globe and what its placement by yogic methods meant for the Mother’s work as Executor of the Supreme’s Will.
            The first 15 degrees of the zodiacal month/sign Capricorn are ‘contained in the Globe’. This, as pointed out in the Chronicles, is the traditional Festival of Light: 21-22 December to 5-6 January. The inner chamber is the abode of the Time-Spirit, and this is his most sacred festival. The measurements as given by the Mother bring about the correction Sri Aurobindo referred to regarding Kalki’s coming. That birth is foretold and confirmed in those measurements (see CIC 9). But with the distortion on the ground, at the 12th latitude bordering the tsunami-hit area, the yogic ‘construction’ of the Chamber was vital.
            The point of this Update on the tsunami occurrence is simply to reveal that after the process of exposure was successfully accomplished (the Yoga of the Chronicles), these two versions of the Inner Chamber could no longer stand side-by-side. One or the other had to be un-done as centre-focus of the Mother’s work. Her true vision could no longer be suppressed.
            And so it has come to pass. The power of Inertia that was able to usurp the physical space only because the measurements had been changed received a fatal blow. It could almost be seen plunging in a rage into the nearby ocean depths because of this failure to impose its stamp of Death on the Mother’s work, its failure to hold the Earth in its coil of mortality forever after.
            This brings to mind a warning that was issued, in a monograph entitled, What is Wrong with Matrimandir in 1977. This document was circulated throughout the Sri Aurobindo Ashram when the Mother’s original vision was lost forever in the Auroville construction. The repercussions of this defiance were all too clear, as the following reveals, the strategy of the Usurper was more than obvious: 

            ‘…The matter becomes doubly difficult when the dark power places itself at the Centre, at the very Soul point, and there disguises itself as this very thing. In so doing it consolidates its hold and enjoys a unique protection, by taking refuge in the very heart of the organism. Thus as it grows its eradication one day would necessitate the destruction of the new creation itself.

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