In the symbol-map the three Gunas of Indian tradition have been added, but with a major difference. They are in their correct positions, the correct ‘flow’, Rajas to Sattva to Tamas. The practice of placing Sattva in front and the rest behind was the surest way to lose the cosmic connection. This misplacement was the result of the otherworldly goal that in one form or another had become the apex of every yogic path and for which attainment the Sattva Guna was the most appropriate.
            The secret hidden in this zodiacal glyph, traditionally known as the Name of God, is precisely the three Gunas in their correct order insofar as this allows us to make the connection with the heavens. The section that we draw attention to in this Update is the Tamas portion which extends down to the Tail.
            On numerous occasions this Convenor has written about the destructive activity of Nature that the area frequently experiences. We quote from The New Way, Volume 2, page 355, written in 1977 and published in 1981: ‘One of the most crucial areas of her Body [Mother India] is the armpit of the left arm, Bangladesh [and continuing down the Tail], because this area stands at the point of transition from Capricorn to Sagittarius and coincides with the mouth of the Ganges. The energy change there is from rajas (Capricorn) to tamas (Sagittarius). It is a tremendously potent point – hence even nature manifests there in her full power when cyclones rage into this armpit with a force only occasionally felt elsewhere on the globe…’.
            The shift noted above refers to the geo-cosmology of this New Way when the zodiac is laid across the globe, starting at Greenwich with 0 degrees Aries and moving eastward in a backward movement through the signs similar to the direction of the precession of the equinoxes. In a splendid manifestation of the Harmony, when we reach India it is exactly at that point that the sign Capricorn begins – her own ruler, according to the tradition – 60 degrees east. Thereafter the entire Capricorn map is displayed on the landmass, covering 40 degrees of longitude. But each zodiacal sign consists of only 30 degrees; thus, when the ‘armpit’ noted above is reached in this eastward flow, we observe that the sign Sagittarius begins, continuing to the end of the glyph for 10 degrees; hence the energy shift from rajas (Capricorn) to tamas (Sagittarius) mentioned above. At that convergence point between the two signs, the mouths of Ganga are located. It is, as it were, a time-space ‘fault’. Here is the geo-cosmic ruler, reproduced from The New Way, Volume 2, Chapter 9:

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