And none can deny that she did battle over these issues with that consciousness of denial for a full 18 days before finally handing the matter over to the ‘consciousness that decides’ for the necessary pressure by which to sort out the people ‘who could build the temple’.
            Supermind did indeed take up the ‘sorting out’ process. But if the shadow temple no longer serves its original purpose, then the present attempts at cosmetic alterations during the room’s current closure for repairs, are to be viewed with suspicion, given past experience. Disengaged from the gnostic Schedule, will that field then become simply a free playground for ‘the things men do’, where personal creative impulses and time-bound architectural fashions are indulged with no questions asked?
            Let it be stated unequivocally: If the powers-that-be who own and administer Auroville truly wish to respect the Mother’s wishes, they must turn for guidance to those who have given unquestionable proof of their credentials to execute her will. The architects and the building committee, as these Chronicles and Updates prove, have no knowledge of the sacred art of temple building, ancient or new. They mock, they scoff, they distort. They must now set aside their cosmetic ploys and, quite simply, abdicate.
            Without ALL elements of measure and design incorporated accurately on the basis of the new precision described throughout MAC publications, the Mother’s vision simply does not exist in the Auroville model. One cannot pick and choose in these matters. The time has long passed when any rectification could have been done; any such attempts at this point are not only futile or illusory, they have to be seen as methods designed to counter MAC’s extensive campaign of exposure.  

            To make ‘supramental sense’ of it all, integrally, there is certainly a way.
            We must simply look at what IS – the Dark and the Light. We take everything that has brought us to this apparent impasse, with the light on one side and the dark on the other, seeing each dispassionately in its correct place, and attempt to arrive at that all-embracing vision the Chamber itself encourages. What have both endeavours produced?
            We have the final results before us in these very Chronicles, demonstrated in an exemplary manner in Update 7 via the two photographic reproductions, - one of light, the other of darkness.
            The shadow temple was purposeful only until the descent of the Truth-Conscious content of the Mother’s vision of light was complete (1998). Those who wish to continue pouring time and energy into the now purposeless Shadow can do so, but in the Age of the Truth-Consciousness it has to be on the basis of a conscious or ‘informed’ choice, to use the contemporary jargon. This cannot be avoided now because the Matrimandir Action Committee has brought into focus both dark and light, and revealed how they serve the purposes of the One, the Divine Will in the Core.
            Thus, at this point, it is to each his own…




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