In the Divine Measure lies the light
These time-space measurements are not to be taken lightly. For when we insist, as did the Mother, on precise measurements accurately executed, the reason is that the only element distinguishing the Mother’s Vision from the Auroville construction is precisely light, GNOSIS; and this manifests through given measurements and geometric patterns. From time immemorial sages have moulded space to render it a sacred vessel through these tested methods, but in the Age of Supermind a significant enhancement has occurred: time is incorporated directly into the spatial measurement (‘…a single ray…’), unlike in any prior age known to man. But if, as in the Auroville construction, the Ray does not measure 15.20m to the top of the Pedestal, or if the Pedestal is not 50cm in height under that Ray, this exquisite interrelated harmony collapses.
            Hence the demand for precision and accuracy is not simply a pedantic pastime. Without those precise measurements there is no light, there is no bridge to the Supramental Gnosis via the structure. Nothing else renders the Mother’s original plan a temple of light. And when these measurements are not ‘perfect’, as the Mahamaya commands, the result is the Auroville model constructed in the architect’s image: no bridge, no light and hence not an iota of knowledge.
            The reader may ask, how can measurements create forms of light? It is because the building blocks employed are time and space through their respective measuring devices, - calendar and tape measure; but these have been transformed by the Supramental Manifestation into higher forms of measure, divine in essence and expression because of interconnected oneness. That we can use time and space in this new way is precisely the proof that the Truth-Consciousness has not only manifested but that it is able to create its own conditions for descent via these enhanced building blocks.
            If Supermind is to transform our world into a field for its establishment as the next commanding principle, displacing Mind as the regent of our species, we must be able to follow its workings in this very world of time and space. We have no other field for our labour and our enjoyment. The Mother’s vision helps us to do just that: it materialises Gnosis, precisely by the precision of its measure, the divine Measure. In St John’s Revelation, it is called the Golden Rod. 

Continuing deception?
Update 7 created the expected impact. One reader who had worked for a number of years on the Auroville construction questioned how the reflection of the Core (the flame at the base) could come about when the stipulated carpet covers the floor. This is a valid point. Photographs were taken at several stages in the creation of the model; a few, such as Agni in the Core, were done without the carpet; hence the reflection appeared. What is important to note is that the Pedestal’s essence (in sacred geometry) was known already in 1976 to be Agni, the divine Son/Will of the Veda, the sacred Fire. Thus when that Flame ‘materialised’ in the reproduction, it was a magical moment to discover that the camera had captured this sacred essence.

            Bear in mind that the true Vision may never be constructed. It may always rely only on our revelations and diagrams for its preservation. But what distinguishes our effort and sets it apart from ‘the things men do’ is light; and this is the result of sacred measure and form. This Light will live forever and will create the conditions for its manifestation in age upon age, always revealing new expressions of the Truth-Consciousness.

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