Our task is to help evolve a new Eye that perceives in a new way, and that can then see this Light – a ‘felt seeing’, to use the Mother’s description; or a ‘seeing in understanding’ of the New Way. In Vedic times it was Shruti, the heard sight, combining both vision and sound; added to sound was the light of wisdom, seeing.
            Some readers are disturbed by the fact that off and on in these Chronicles we have referred to the Auroville construction as a waste. At this point an elaboration is required. If Supermind does indeed create its own conditions, while exerting a superb control over material creation as revealed in these pages, then there must be a sense to this seeming waste as well. And indeed there has been.
            We have stated in MAC publications that both constructions, subtle and physical, advanced according to an almost identical ‘schedule’, covering no less than three decades. We know what the purpose behind the ‘construction of light’ has been: the descent and preservation of the Knowledge, and the cementing of the Mother’s original vision at the heart of the new world that is being born, that it may serve as its ‘pulse’ ever after. But what has been the ‘purpose’ of the shadow in this alchemy of forces? What was its exact role? For if Supermind creates conditions for its manifestation, surely it could have controlled matters to avoid this waste.  Yet if the shadow temple’s reason for existence was to force the descent of the temple of light, this would be Supermind, through both negation and affirmation, creating and controlling the terms of its descent and establishment as the gnostic guiding principle of the new world. It would explain the entire interrelated process: negative and positive at the service of the One.
            For this reason both Light and Dark have followed the same ‘schedule’. If there had been no resistance to the Mother’s Vision, if it had been accepted unquestioningly and built as she wished, would there have been any need to record the Knowledge for posterity? And far more importantly, the yoga that was demanded in order to rectify, while opening the doors of this special Chamber of Gnosis, would never have taken place. This was the most important part of the Chamber’s descent into time and space: it hastened the advent, it accelerated the pace. It is as if its instruments on the side of negation were mighty Stokers of the engine of Time.
            Lamentably, those elements are closed to this light they themselves have served. Since the formation of the Matrimandir Action Committee and the regular appearance of the Chronicles, there have been renewed attempts to make the Auroville construction look more like what the Mother wanted. There have been serious discussions on the possibility of buffing the crystal, for example, to create a translucent effect in keeping with the Mother’s wishes. Interestingly, the propagators of this idea have perfunctorily dismissed the need to look at the 24 metre floor diameter inaccuracy, or the eliminated 15-step entry, or the stone pedestal, – though these and more were a part of the Mother’s expressed intent. Now again there seems to be an attempt to make the existing structure appear to follow the Mother’s original plan, while eliminating those sacred measurements and design in one sweep as ‘matters of no consequence’. They are just ‘numbers’, just ‘centimetres’, even just ‘coincidences’ (see Update 2).

            Time and again we have asked the builders of the Auroville construction what, in their view, was the reason why the Mother insisted on dimension precision and accurate execution of her plan, if it was all meaningless and only their consciousness and labour was of value.

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