We are thrust into the realm of Simultaneous Time where the harmony is pre-existent, yet in a sense it does not ‘exist’ without the Chamber; while the Chamber is a feature of the Supramental Manifestation without which its integrating principle would neither descend or be perceived. It is the Mother’s plan with precise measurements that ALLOWS the supramental light to materialise in Earth time-space. And in so doing, the Mother’s description of the descending Ray playing upon the Globe as the ‘symbol of the future realisation’ is proven.
            This helps clarify the perception that the Inner Chamber exists eternally in the plane the Mother visited. The question is, how does it organise its descent? How is the eternal brought to Earth by methods which respect and do not deny conditions Earth life imposes? 

The sacred purpose of Time and Space
The tools Supermind must use to organise its manifestation are time and space; it needs no others. Consequently, if the Mother’s vision captures a new astrology for the new Age, then we are not surprised to note that the Inner Chamber does indeed offer the world an entirely unique means of appreciating the manner in which time and space unveil new dimensions of their cosmic purpose. The descending Solar Ray, or the chamber’s axis of light, is the element that brings the matter alive before our eyes when this ‘symbol of the future realisation’ harmonises, in its single-bodied descent, both time and space. These two properties of cosmic manifestation blend in the Ray into one body of Light and in the process reveal their intrinsic oneness [see box insert].
            Since it is the single Ray (‘The ray of the sun must be seen…’ ‘It must be one ray. I saw it…’) as the field for the interplay between time and space, this new cosmology becomes a valuable tool for an appreciation of the nature of oneness that is the signature of the cosmic manifestation.
            In this manner events played out in time-space can be ‘located’ in the descending Ray. Significant happenings can be seen to occur when calendar time reaches particularly sensitive points in the Core. An example would be the location in time and space of Saturn as described above at the births of the four members of the Solar Line, certainly a harmony revealing a vast, all-encompassing Consciousness at work. Another would be the 26 December earthquake/tsunami which took place just below the Solstice ‘location’ at the top of the Globe, drawing attention to the Capricorn Symbol-Map, the measure of which is ‘contained’ in the Globe (see Update 6).  Or else, we may take the descent of the Chamber itself which Supermind, through the Mother, brought into being on or about 1st January 1970 – or the centre of the Globe and, moreover, during Saturn’s zodiacal month, Capricorn. The descent of the Vision was completed by the time the Ray passed out of the Globe, the calendar equivalent of 10 January. The 18-day period ended at the base of the Pedestal in the count, the seat of the Divine Will (‘…when the supramental Will stands on earth that Will will decide. It will establish a perfection, a harmony, a Truth-creation…’)

[1] It needs to be pointed out that the Mother’s Inner Chamber serves to prove how utterly askew the so-called Hindu calendar is, since with it the Avatar’s cosmic credentials could never be seen in the harmonies of the cosmos because the new year is 23 days late. One of the sacred duties of Vishnu’s Evolutionary Avatar is to bring accuracy into these astrological/calendrical matters by his own coming, his own birth in Earth time. However, vested interests have obstructed the Avatar’s mission for Hindu society – through this calendar distortion - as well as for his own followers through the mis-measure of the Auroville construction which only compounds the distorted calendar. A prophet is indeed never recognised in his own land in the way that recognition would matter: to be faithful and true.

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