There are two ‘years’ in the measure of 365 days. One, of time, begins on 1st January; the other, of space, begins at the March Equinox. Just as we do in commercial operations, for certain purposes the time year is the measure, while for others it is the space year. The reader can begin to understand what the origin was of these contemporary practices; and also why in Vedic times the Year was sacred. It was the backdrop for everything that transpired in the Sacrifice. But, however divided, it is always the ‘single ray’ we are concerned with, or the single circle.
      The correct length of the Chamber’s descending Ray is 15.20m in the Mother’s Vision, which in turn we divide into those 365 days of the year (of time or space). With the correct 0 point for the beginning of the year, we then ‘locate’ these days on the Ray as it enters the Chamber. With the help of an ephemeris or almanac they can easily be converted into degrees of celestial longitude on the ecliptic to find their location in the tropical zodiac of any horoscope. In this manner we are able to establish a planetary position on the Ray when it strikes the Globe, as the diagram reveals regarding the four separate positions of Saturn at the time of birth of the four members of the Solar Line. Here they appear as one event, as if in a photographic image; but in fact there are 91 years ‘contained’ in this ‘photo’ of the Globe via Saturn – a concept totally new to sacred art. In the Mother’s Chamber the four births are drawn together in this singular manner, carrying us into the realm of Simultaneous Time – the Eternal is thus married to the Temporal.
      For those unfamiliar with the language of the New Way, each date/degree corresponds to the Saturn position at the date and time of birth of each of the four members of the Solar Line: the Mother – 6 (top of the Globe); the Third – 3 (centre); Sri Aurobindo – 9 (top of Pedestal); and the Fourth – 0-1 (bottom of Globe – hidden in the stone Pedestal). A scrutiny of their respective horoscopes can verify these details.
      In Hindu temples the icon is fashioned according to exact measurements which are contained in voluminous shastras handed down from age to age. The above will give the reader an idea of just why it was essential to respect these injunctions. But this was only part of the process. Thereafter, in a separate operation, a connection with Time has to be made when the deity is imbued with power at the abhishekam or anointing ceremony, which is performed at a time selected by the presiding Pundits for its auspiciousness. But if the calendar is askew, as is presently the case, then that connection cannot be properly made and the opposite effect may be attained. Or at the very least, the only power imbued in the Icon thereafter comes from the devotees who worship at the temple. In other words, the cosmos does not participate – contrary to the foundation and essence of the Vedic Way.
      The Mother’s Vision offers a new science of temple building where the two, time and space, are joined in a single ray, as described above. The timeless or eternal (Being) is incorporated into the temporal (Becoming) not on the basis of devices which are themselves unstable, but by the births of the Eternal Ones. They are eternal by virtue of the fact that they are Emanations of Vishnu – the Godhead who lives as long as the cosmos lives, who regularly sends his emanations to Earth so that these timeless truths can be brought down according to the demands of the Supramental Shakti for each Age. There are no pujas or homams required to imbue the perfectly fashioned Globe with power. It is self illuminating because the Time-Spirit is the officiating Priest, or Purohit, in this new temple for the new Age of the Supermind. (See, The New Way, Vol. 2, Chapter 4, Aeon Books, 1981, for the complete science.)

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