The original act pierced the veils for the temple eternal to descend in time; thereafter, through time’s creative impulse, the becoming of its eternal being is organised in and through the evolutionary process.
            The reader must note the extraordinary implications in this statement. In the world of the Spirit we are accustomed to dealing with abstracts; or else with scientifically unprovable states of consciousness. In this case, however, we are dealing with a new precision that brings its own formulae and methodology, or its own science. This is what stands behind the understanding that Supermind creates its own conditions: to manifest, or to become established on Earth, it will open its own path, control the descent of the Knowledge via that path, and disclose a new language which can render the Manifestation appreciable by all. In the process, it reveals aspects of creation that cannot be grasped without the aid of this new principle.             Though dealing with Saturn’s location in four different horoscopes, traditional astrology of whatever school is of no help in detecting the unique interplay between these positions stretched over 91 years in the natal charts of the four members of the Solar Line. They appear unrelated in any way. It is only via Supermind’s ‘new precision’ in the Inner Chamber of perfect Measure that astrology is elevated to a very different level: it must now be described as a tool to perceive the harmonies of the cosmos. This new perceptive enhancement allows us to appreciate how Supermind operates through oneness to further the manifestation of the Truth-Consciousness in material creation, from vast to small, in the heavenly harmonies as well as in individual lives.
            Thus, the role the Mother’s temple plays in this unfolding is essential. Without the Globe of accurate dimensions and placement, these four dates and respective locations of Saturn in the heavens would be meaningless. Supermind not only arranges the pathway for its descent, in the process it discloses the birthdates of its instruments stretched across a century. These ‘cosmic credentials’ are written into the temple’s perfect form and measure, not just for one or two births, but for all four members of the Solar Line interconnected, thus eliminating the facile dismissal ‘just coincidence’, while compounding the complexity of a precision new to science.
            This is a feature of Supermind’s operations: it integrates the One and the Many. Indeed, it cannot descend without the integrated harmony of the Becoming. This revelation serves as an example, - for which reason we hold the Mother’s Vision as our guiding light. 

        ‘…What we propose just now is not to make the earth a supramental world but to bring down the supramental as a power and established consciousness in the midst of the rest – to let it work there and fulfil itself as Mind descended into Life and Matter and has worked as a Power there to fulfil itself in the midst of the rest. This will be enough to change the world and to change Nature by breaking down its present limits…when the Light is there, the Light itself will do its work – when the supramental Will stands on earth that Will will decide. It will establish a perfection, a harmony, a Truth-creation…’. (Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga, CE, p.13)

            We also note that one of the functions of the Globe is to materialise the Light. We see in this display of a new precision that if the Mother’s plan had not been revealed by her these interrelated days/positions of Saturn in the heavens would be meaningless and without purpose. (See box insert, p. 3.)


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