Whatever the sadhana followed, all yogas concur that the Macrocosm is equal to the Microcosm. However, the macrocosm did not come into being on this plan (A); spheres, circles and curves are the geometrical patterns we see all around us (B). The same can be applied to the evolution of the human species. This means that on the basis of the above diagrams we can geometrically display the truth of Sri Aurobindo’s statement that Mind is not the summit; it is only one more step along the way. The quadrants are 4 (B), as they are for Dr Peter Plichta in his spatial geometric plan based on the primary number code he discovered (See www.matacom.com, Update 2, for a discussion on Dr Peter Plichta’s mathematic plan of creation.) However, it has to be noted that the ‘construction plan’ the New Way offers, the Gnostic Circle, combines both time and space, while Plichta’s deals only with space.
          When pressure is exerted in a linear/binary system, the upper hemisphere is excluded; it is step by step or one layer after another in the above manner (A) and not an integral process (B). Such being the case, how do we ‘go circular’? This is the key question. We cannot do it in isolation of the rest of the species when a certain threshold is reached. That threshold is the 9th Manifestation. This is what is meant by being born as an evolving species, and that the 54,000 years prior to this Age/Manifestation were simply the 9 ‘months’ gestation leading to the ‘birth’ (our times). For this reason a NEW world is born, as the Mother stated. It is not a prolongation of the mental (pyramidal) creation. It is necessarily, in our lived experience, an entirely new world. We graduate from linear to spherical; and Death is no more since it is itself transformed. The experience becomes simply a question of overcoming the pull of Inertia to be able to complete the journey to the summit; and it is a conscious passage through twelve stages covering all four dimensions of being, physical, vital, mental and supramental.
         This geometric shift, linear to spherical, is what allows for ‘each thing to be put in its place’. It can only happen in an integral, spherical plan. The circle of 360 degrees has to be completed or closed at the 0/9 summit. Until the Supramental Descent of our times, the evolution of the past 54,000 years has not been lived consciously within the full circle in spite of individual breakthroughs. We may not know what came before our cycle, but we do know that this great circle of a total span of 77,760 years is intended to bring evolution through the mental/linear mode to the spherical. The tool is Supermind, the Truth-Consciousness.

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