Along with everything else they are thrust into the bag of ‘just coincidences’. And by this reasoning, the gnostic content of the Inner Chamber has been eliminated forever in the Auroville construction.
      Still we must go deeper. If we really wish to identify with the essence of the Chamber and the realisation it offers, then we have to realise that these obstructors goad us on, as the Mother noted in one of her most insightful revelations (see Appendix). And in this light we note that had the article, or the 3, not been dropped there would have been no struggle to have the Mother’s plan reinstated; and if we could have eliminated that struggle, there would be no revelation of the gnostic content of the Mother’s vision. In other words, it would not have become an APPLICABLE tool of the Yoga. Indeed, there would have been no Yoga of the Chamber at all since the essential ingredient in the process is knowledge and conscious participation. The 3 had to be lost so that this denial would force her unveiling which in itself was the method to bring down the Knowledge.
      Thus, we have had to live the dismissal of the 3 (and the article – all at the same time) with all its pain, strife and struggle, so that the light could be brought to Earth in its full power, revealing in the process the sublime contribution made by the Becoming as this anecdote reveals, just as the Mother understood four decades ago.
      For Auroville and its followers ‘Mother’ is fine; it is the way they have chosen and with which they feel comfortable. But for readers of these Chronicles and students of the New Way, she will always be, as Sri Aurobindo envisioned her, the Mother, the combined 3 + 6.

            The complete Descent is 3 + 6 + 9. In the New Way one angle at the base of the Sacred Triangle is 6. It is balanced by the 3, the other angle, to equal the Apex, the 9. This is the Formula; this is WHAT IS. We may choose to eliminate the 3 (and the article) and remain only with the 6; but then we chose death, decay and the shadow because the 3 is the integration of the Becoming and it is indispensable in order to transform linear processes to circular. This is the essence of the New Way, and it is the essence of the Mother’s Inner Chamber.

          Circular processes are necessarily different from the linear.  Axis and alignment are the issue, not a horizontal, linear arrow. But to bring this about a centre is required; and to create this centre compression from the periphery is demanded (goading?), pressing ever inward to a Point.
          The Mother foresaw that at a certain point hostile forces would no longer be required to create what she has referred to as a pressure of the Consciousness (through ‘crushing circumstances’). Now we must explore other possibilities in light of what has descended after the Mother’s preliminary labour up to 1970.

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