Could a complete reversal of shadow to light be possible via realignment, and could its effects be instantaneous? That would be miraculous; however, in this work miracles, as the term is commonly understood, do not happen. But there can be a gradual almost imperceptible change which is entirely in tune with the nature of this Yoga, when elements that were always there are somehow shifted and in that shifting a new order or harmony is created. Nothing has changed in the sense that nothing is added or cut away. But because of the new alignment, or realignment, things fall into place differently: a higher order manifests.
         What appears to be a miracle occurs in this way. These are not miraculous interventions, as such, but simply spatial shifts of parts within the whole which allow a sudden adjustment that appears to be outside the natural order. But it is simply a new alignment.
          Time may be circular but it still flows from day to day. It is the whole that is different, the area of the circle (which did not ‘exist’ before). Then time manifests events from the centre. It is not linear as past to present to future, along a line. It is a manifestation from the centre, and perhaps one should not describe it as evolution any longer. In the new order things manifest, they emerge into the light as a blossoming flower. The flower is always totally there – but time urges its growth (manifestation) from the centre, from within. The Mother’s reflections on Sri Aurobindo’s aphorism describe this experience of a new integration of the Becoming. It is a flowering directly under the ray of a Supramental Sun; and it casts no shadows. This poise comes about only in circular systems; hence the Mother described the Core of her vision as ‘the symbol of the future realisation’, always from within, always centred.
          This is how time is simultaneous. And in this way a new order comes into being right amidst the old. It is not different or external to what is; rather it is the Becoming that has changed by partaking of the same centrality. The whole is always in existence in a process of enduring manifestation.




(Sri Aurobindo’s 70th Aphorism (recorded in Vol. 3 of The Mother’s Agenda) followed by a portion of the Mother’s comments)


‘Examine thyself without pity,

then thou will be more charitable and pitiful to others.’

12 January 1962

Very Good! (the Mother laughs) That’s very good.
It’s very good for everyone, isn't it?
Especially for those who think they’re so superior.
But it really does correspond to something very deep.
This is exactly the experience I have been going through these past few days; since the day before

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