The Oneness of Symbol and Symbolised
On the world stage the proof of this statement is 9/11, particularly the attack on the Twin Towers. That was the visual image of the binary/linear collapse that takes place when the dual aspect of Mind reaches the point where it has to be replaced by the circular mode. And if we add the zodiacal script with its progressive movement through 12 stages for a deeper comprehension, we see the Towers as the Gemini hieroglyph
`, the very sign related to Mind and Duality. There can be no doubt that once this is pointed out, once the Twin Towers are seen in this light, one can never view the events of 9/11 without this understanding.
          9/11 marked the moment of irreversibility for the human species. Is it any wonder then that the numbers 9 and 11 are the full birth counts of the Third and the Fourth in the Solar Line? Due to this event these numbers have taken on an iconic resonance in the collective consciousness. When those 3rd and 4th stages are activated through processes of the Yoga of the Chamber, we experience the Birth.  This marks passage to the new world that the Mother spoke of: that linear/binary formula which has governed our world for thousands of years, simply ceased to exist. It evaporated just like the Towers did. 9/11 was the signal that ‘out there’ and not just in hidden chambers reserved for an elite, the shift was made. Linear patterns can no longer hold, only the spherical.
          Therefore the Gnostic Circle is the ‘construction plan’ for the new world that has been born. The final quadrant has been added which opens up the higher potentials; and once that happens, irrevocably, as 9/11 indicated, there is no retreat possible precisely because the movement of time is irreversible. The progress we make now is rapid and decisive.  (See September Trilogy Plus One, www.aeongroup.com.)  

Parts within the Whole
          This would be the collective experience. But there is the individual to consider as well. The wheel/sphere is one in the Gnostic Circle and we all evolve within that one circle, unlike in the individual horoscope of traditional astrology. Therefore the circle itself has to provide individuals as well with the same new potential. What has been achieved yogically for the entire mental species can be experienced by each of us. The great secret lies in the mysterious Rig Veda and its riddle, ‘the 9 becomes the 10’.
          The very same circle of 4 is further divided into 12. When one progresses in one’s journey through life and time in circular systems, because of which death no longer exists as an option, as an escape valve as it were, - or for that matter even the salve of nirvana and samadhi – then the 8th stage (death) within the 12 can be traversed without obliteration of the Seeing Eye, without succumbing to the great sleep that is Death.

          Having stated this, the next step is to reverse the age-old imprint that the species has come to accept as fact: the inevitability of death combined with a heaven beyond this cosmic manifestation. All cultures throughout the world succumbed to this formula in one form or another. All but the ancient Vedic civilisation. Yet the yoga of the Rig Veda did not extend beyond certain boundaries; the time to universalise had not yet come. This is the preserve of the present Age of Aquarius, Lion to Man, Leo to Aquarius.

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