It is only now that the ‘lost sun’ can be retrieved for the entire world and for each individual component – nations and individuals alike. The key lies in the 9 becoming the 10 during the 12-stage journey, the ancient Vedic formula. This passage draws us into the fourth quadrant on this Earth. What has for so long been considered heaven beyond this world is brought down to Earth by this passage. It is a passage of internalisation due to contraction.
          For the individual the passage is the same that the entire Earth has experienced: linear has to give way to the circular. The reversal requires a concentration of consciousness-force to the point where compression occurs, driving one into a point. The result is the birth that fills the Void: a perfect centre has come into being, consequent of which is an axial alignment emerging from that true Centre, which, in the Mother’s words, casts no shadows. We need to explore the deeper meaning of these words. For this we can use the Mother’s plan of the Inner Chamber; and similar to the visual aid of the Twin Towers, her plan can show us the way. 

The Inner Chamber as Guide
          The Mother’s original plan of the chamber describes this passage: the 9 becomes the 10. Foremost to observe is that there are two directions for the chamber’s axial alignment; as there are two for the Earth: her own axis and her position in relation to the Ecliptic. In the Inner Chamber we also note that the two directions are clearly defined: its 24 metre diameter (horizontal), and the 15.20 m descending Ray (vertical). These ‘directions’ meet at the perfect centre hidden in the Pedestal beneath the Globe.
          These two directions, vertical and horizontal, are time and space. The fact that they are combined in one design is what sets the Mother’s original vision and plan apart from any other piece of sacred architecture the world has known. The descent of the Mother’s vision brought into manifestation two exceptional keys of Knowledge, both of which are ‘written’ in her original plan. One is called the Gnostic Circle. The Mother has given us the plan of that new world. It is spherical. It is whole. It is the structural image of the Gnostic Circle
– the new blueprint for the individual, for society, and for the evolving human species.
         When the birth that fills the Void has taken place and the true centre comes into being, all circumstances of life help to manifest the essence of the centre to which they are inextricably bound. This means that compression of the concentrated power is a circular operation in which nothing is excluded: life’s totality and all the dimensions of consciousness-being, Transcendent, Cosmic, and Individual are compressed into that Point. It is then, after the Reversal, that the centre gives birth to the One and Time then extends in Space the contents of that Seed. What it contains has to express itself; it cannot be otherwise because Time in its spatial deployment is irreversible. While this describes the cosmic Truth it is also the individual’s truth and birthright. And birth in this universe and on this planet alone provides us with the field to live the experience.

         The great key of Knowledge is the Gnostic Circle for our new Age because it combines the two, Time and Space, in its geometry. The Mother’s inner chamber is the new sacred architecture because it too, by its vertical and horizontal axes and true centre, combines Time and Space. The Gnostic Circle explains the Mother’s creation; the Mother’s plan gives ‘form’ to the Gnostic Circle. They result in 3 + 6 (= 9).

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