He is not alone in this condition; this is the cherished property of the entire mental human species. And further, this is the reason for our mortality: energy slips away through ‘gaps’ during the act of extreme contraction, which is the definition of death. The fragile binary creature, bearing this ‘hole’ centremost and not the One who fills the void, cannot sustain the compression and is thus pushed out of the material universe of time and space just like Cicionesi’s exiting ‘ray’, thereby severing his/her conscious awareness of this plane. This is the famous ‘escape’ of all post-Vedic paths.
          Piero Cicionesi has thus cemented human mortality in the Auroville Matrimandir. Worse yet, he leads the public to believe that it is ‘faithful to the Mother’s original’ in all ways (except for the 15 step entrance – see CIC 3). Her vision leads us on the luminous path of the Immortals. Piero Cicionesi’s points the way to the realm of the Dark Lord, where the human creation is trapped.
          He is to be held responsible because he KNEW what the Mother wanted. He had the Mother’s own words BEFORE anything was finalised, just as he KNEW the Mother wanted the pedestal in STONE, and orange coloured. The Mother never asked for a see-through, gold-plated, minuscule ‘stand’ of inappropriate proportions. Yet he knowingly and wilfully imposed his own limitations on all the followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
          Regarding any proposed changes in her plan, the Mother warned, 

          We will let it sort itself out. Because you see, to accept changes, it is necessary that I be certain that the origin of the inspiration is of the same quality as mine… For the building, I know very well that people are needed who know their job and who do the work. But for the inspiration it is necessary that I be certain that the origin of the inspiration be AT LEAST of the same level as mine… and I am not sure, because I saw it so clearly. His [Paolo’s] ideas are all mental, I can guarantee it because it is easy for me to see that. Well, they bring the same MIXTURE that there is in everything that is done in the world. And that…what is the use in beginning again, again, again…? (Matrimandir Talks, 17 January 1970).

          Nothing was honoured of the Mother’s inspiration. It was used simply as a springboard to something else, whatever the ego desired in order to preserve its dark rule, clothed in the guise of aesthetics or convenience. Is it surprising then that the execution of Piero Cicionesi’s gold-plated wrought iron see-through stand gave so much trouble? Indian craftsmen were ‘unable’ to deal with the black spots that surfaced after gold plating was done, due to countless holes that appeared in the symbol. Once again it was Germany that came to the rescue – similar to the transparent and equally imperfect ‘crystal’ which the blemished ‘stand’ upholds, also fashioned in Germany.
          We, the public, have every right to ask of the executing architect what his 4 cm ‘symbolic’ hole signifies. If he has stated that ‘it is symbolic’, he is obliged to explain his reasoning to the donating public, which has already given crores of rupees just to immortalise his own mortality.
          Is Auroville justified in continuing the campaign among an unknowing and unsuspecting public to go on donating more crores of rupees in order to complete this binary creature’s stamp of mortality and this grand and very costly eulogy to the Dark God? 

Matrimandir Action Committee

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