At that point she did not have to specify because the pedestal’s proportions were entirely dependent on the diameter of the globe which she did specify: 70 cm.
           Observe the beauty of these revelations and how true to the Knowledge they have been proven to be. In the Shalagrama, Sri Aurobindo ‘appears’ in his subtle transcendent form only when the Mother’s inner chamber is accurately constructed, - i.e., a room of a precise 24m diameter. Only then does the Transcendent ‘manifest’ in the outer form.
           However, regarding his symbol in the pedestal we are dealing with the immanence of that very Transcendent – or Ashwapathy to Satyavan in the language of the Epic. Therefore, it is not the chamber’s 24m diameter that provides the measure for the manifestation, but rather the globe. In the words of the Epic: 

                        She kept within her strong embosoming soul
                        Like a flower hidden in the heart of spring
                        The soul of Satyavan drawn down by her
                        Inextricably in that mighty lapse.
                        Invisible heavens in a thronging flight
                        Soared past her as she fell. Then all the blind
                        And near attraction of the earth compelled
                        Fearful rapidities of downward bliss.
                        Lost in the giddy proneness of that speed,
                        Whirled, sinking, overcome she disappeared
                        Like a leaf spinning from the tree of heaven.
                        In broad unconsciousness as in a pool;
                        A hospitable softness drew her in
                        Into a wonder of miraculous depths,
                        Above her closed a darkness of great wings
                        And she was buried in a mother’s breast.


Transcendence to Immanence                                    From The New Way, Volume 2, p. 448,  Aeon Books 1981

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