This will be the subject of a future Chronicle. There is a vast body of newly descended Knowledge to back up this statement, only a fraction of which can be presented here, given the limitations of space. But before proceeding, it will be helpful to quote the French scholar, Charles Malamoud, as reported in The UNESCO Courier, May 1993, so that readers can better understand the method the Mother employed to transcribe her vision which is Vedic to the core. We refer to the ancient formulas of the Law of Correspondences: 

            ‘…Such correspondences exist, but it is up to humans to discover them, to become aware of them, to formulate them – and in so doing, to confirm them. Solving the Vedic riddles…involves linking similar elements from the different levels of existence… A ritual object, a particular moment in a ceremony, is thought to have a replica or counterpart in some specific spatial or temporal element of the universe…

            ‘This network of correspondences is not static. The Vedic authors… gave much thought to finding new, more refined and complex equivalences. Several Sanskrit words convey this idea, words that mean “connection”, “link”, even “kinship”. In Vedic India the idea of correspondences is more important than the concept of causality – whereas Buddhism insists on sequence of cause and effect…’.

          To be noted in the above is the crucial question of ‘correspondences’, as the scholar so aptly describes in drawing distinctions between Hinduism and Buddhism. In these Chronicles we have mentioned the Laws of Equivalence and Correspondence. They are the foundation of the new Seeing; or, as the Mother would describe it, the new precision. It is a concept found throughout the Veda. To give an example, ‘one day equals one year’ is one such law. With this formula the art of ‘progressing’ a horoscope evolved. This is still a firm pillar in the so-called western system of astrology. Though it is entirely Vedic, it fell into disuse in India when the Divine Maya was lost centuries ago. But it is with this very formula, together with similar ‘correspondences’, that the supreme rahasya of the Mother’s original plan is unveiled. One day for one year, as a concrete example of Malamoud’s statement, means that the day of 24 hours was equivalent to the year of 365 days for the Vedic Rishi. With this ‘philosopher’s stone’ that the Mother has left us in the precision of her sacred plan, we can appreciate how a renewal of these ancient truths is carried out.

The truth of that which moves
All Chronicles to date have dealt with the horizontal plane exclusively. But in sacred architecture of any real value, there are two directions that are essential and must be transcribed with meticulous care: horizontal and vertical. When we transpose this to the harmonies of the cosmos, they become expansion and contraction, respectively. Thus, in the Mother’s Vision it was made clear that the chamber’s diameter (horizontal) was a key feature, without which ‘nothing holds’ (see CIC 5 and 6). We may add that without the vertical and time, nothing MOVES. And without MOTION there is nothing to hold because there is no material universe of the 9, or a creation in matter. As we penetrate deeper levels of the Mother’s revelation we will set her vision in motion like a magical carousel that is suddenly put into a dynamic mode, based on the renewed application of the Laws of Equivalence and Correspondence. This is accomplished by the incorporation of Time in the geometry and design; and it is the property of the Vertical. The most unique aspect of the Mother’s Vision, never before accomplished, is this Geometry of Time.

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