Only with the correct pedestal height can the measure of the Ray equal 365 days, our Earth year. The Vesica Piscis based on a circle of 70cm diameter is thus the most important revelation of the Mother’s Vision. Through the luminous Globe the Transcendent’s compressed light is made Immanent – and this ‘new base of life’ in turn becomes the SUPPORT of the Globe, the chamber’s only luminous object. For it is the Eye that Sees at the heart of every created thing; just as the golden seed of the Truth-Consciousness is lodged in the depths of material creation, centre to all created things; and from there this golden seed CONTROLS THE PLAY by being the ‘centre that holds’.
          When the Mother described the Ray falling onto the Globe as ‘the symbol of the future realisation’, she referred to a realisation that has not been experienced for many thousands of years, and perhaps never to the degree that her chamber’s plan reveals. She has left humanity an exact description of the deepest secrets of Reality through a most sophisticated use of geometric symbols. She has explained the paradox of simultaneous Transcendence and Immanence that has mystified the human mind since the first moment consciousness began to ponder the meaning of life and creation’s purpose. In a most ingenious use of symbols, her inner chamber within the sacred Shalagrama offers a visual perception of the act of creation, - or the passage of Transcendence to Immanence at the heart of that material creation, without losing anything of himself. We see thus the origin of Light (the Ray), his very Light, which comes into being when that transcendent Consciousness inverts and begins its descent through the act of compression by the power of his Divine Maya into the boundaries of the universal manifestation (the Shalagrama).
          Thus do our physical laws reveal what is ‘above’. Space is the divine principle of the Infinite; Time is the divine principle of the Eternal. They are the means to experience that ‘beyond’ here on Earth where they become measurable. Without the sacred Divine Maya there is no redemption of matter and hence no possibility of the divine life on Earth.
          Our universe of space and time is the materialised Light of the Infinite and the Eternal. Indeed, we ‘see’ the Transcendent compressed before our very eyes when that crystallised Light materialises in the chamber and then passes down and into the Globe, where that sphere of perfect measure transforms the Transcendent into the immanent golden SEED of himself. From vast to minute but ever one, in an unbroken line of time just as Sri Aurobindo experienced.  All of this is ‘written’ in the core of the Mother’s chamber; even as it is written in the Epic in the passage quoted above.
          Compression is the keyword and Time is the medium. In the Rig Veda this is Agni, navel of the world, centre of all created things, the Fire that is both source and upholder because he is the one whose birth fills the void. The first step on the path to Immortality is this ‘birth’. The void must be filled for only that can lead to everlasting life and the end of the reign of Death.

[*]  As another example of the Mother’s extraordinary previsionary capacity, the following footnote is quoted from The New Way, Vol. 2, p. 250 (Aeon Books, 1981), regarding the properties of the pedestal: ‘At the time of printing (summer of 1978) a hitherto unpublished talk of the Mother has appeared, concerning an experience she had on or about 12 September, 1956. This was shortly after the Supramental Manifestation Day, 29 February, 1956. She explains that a supramental entity came into her and she particularly emphasises that it was a solid block, “a rectangle with a square base”. It is noteworthy that some fifteen years later she discovered that the most important element of the core [of her temple] – the pedestal where the alchemy of a New Time transpires – is precisely this form: a rectangle with a square base, and that into that geometrical form Sri Aurobindo’s symbol would fit with exact precision.

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